February 7

Episode #18 of the 3 Podcasters Walk Into A Bar – We cover the China Balloon distraction, it was big hit to the national security – A wind company loses a billion dollars


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Joe Biden even calls into the show, and we cover how wind fit’s into this picture. Not only did the oil and gas market save the whales, but it may also save them again.

Most importantly – Many people do not think the China spy balloon was a big deal. Well, the technology on the balloon can pinpoint grid weaknesses, critical pipeline junctions, and cell and radio critical infrastructure. All of this would make a crippling tactical strike against the United States possible. Just feed more of this intel to groups like the Neo-Nazis, and a very small amount of people could do more damage than 911.

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Highlights of the Podcast

00:00 – Intro
02:45 – They talked about their own podcasts
09:46 – Talks about Bloom started in World War Two
11:36 – Mapping key Infrastructure related to our Power Grids.
13:02 – Talks about the giant wind turbine
20:58- Talks about renewables a.k.a. green energy for sources
27:01 – Scottish Energy wind
38:39 – Outro

With 3 unique personalities, backgrounds, and one horrible team sense of humor, it makes for fun talks around the energy markets.

David Blackmon is a Forbes author and currently writes Energy Absurdities of the Day. He has several active podcasts with ….. His industry leadership is evident, but a dry, calm way of expressing himself adds a different twist.

R.T. Trevillon is the podcast host of The Crude Truth filmed in Fort Worth Texas and runs an oil and gas E&P company. Pecos Country Operating has been in business for ….years and has a constant commitment to all of their stakeholders and is actively working in this oil and gas market.

Stu Turley is the co-podcast host of the Energy News Beat Podcast. While Stu is a legend in his own mind,

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DB Energy Questions 

The Crude Truth with Rey Trevino

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Energy Transition Weekly Conversation

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The Crude Truth with Rey Trevino

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Video Transcription edited for grammar. We disavow any errors unless they make us look better or smarter.

Stuart Turley: [00:00:13] Hey, everybody. Today’s a great day. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as I always say. And we are going to be talking to two compadres that are pretty cool. Have you ever had that really scary uncle? Kind of like Eddie at a Christmas vacation when he says, Hey, these three people walk into a bar. [00:00:32][18.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:00:33] I know two compadres that are part of that bar. And I’m the third bonehead that’s part of that crew. My name is Stuart Turley, president and CEO, Sandstone’s Group. We’re here with three podcasters walking into a bar. [00:00:47][13.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:00:47] Our first guest for coming around is the David Blackmon. I’ll tell you what, David Blackman is a Forbes contributing author and he has two other podcasts. And they are extremely successful with lots of downloads and worldwide impact. [00:01:04][17.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:01:05] Your energy question is doing phenomenal, David. And you’re also on the Energy transition and you’ve got four people. You cover Brazil, Dallas, Texas. Texas is its own country. So that’s, you know, that’s not bad. And then you got London and then you got Bulgaria. Welcome, David. Thank you very much. [00:01:27][21.7]

David Blackmon: [00:01:28] Hey, thank you for having me, man. This is awesome. Yeah, that energy that Energy transition podcast is is a hoot. And we had a lot of fun this morning talking about. Well, anyway, we’ll talk we’ll get into that here in a minute. [00:01:44][16.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:01:45] All right. And then we have our Tea Party is not only a camp operator, he’s a big target over there. Paco’s operating, but Paco’s operating as a side business. His real business in the past is being a podcast host over the Crude Truths. And, I mean, the group is taking off. Baby, I really enjoy listening to the Crooked Truth. Thank you for stopping by. [00:02:12][26.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:02:12] Oh, man. Stu. Thank you for having me. I heard. I tell you what. You know, it’d be nice one day if the courage truth could take off in a way that I would never even imagine it. And but. But no, we’re doing good over it. Paco’s operating, and we can’t complain, and we’re staying busy, so I’m excited like you guys to be here. Give us another wonderful Monday. And it’s a lot cooler than it was last Monday, right? Or a lot warmer,. I should say. [00:02:42][29.3]

David Blackmon: [00:02:42] A lot warmer. I was going to say man. [00:02:43][1.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:02:45] And unfortunately, our plan of attack for last week did not work. So our whole plan was to get me down to Maine to meet up with David Blackmon, to try to look smart like him or looks smart like so. Wow. And that just did not work out. [00:03:03][17.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:03:03] I didn’t get out of town. I was here in the great city of Fort Worth for three days straight with my wife and my little one year old son. I can’t complain. That’s a great thing. But definitely did not get a chance to make it today. I heard there were some great connections in the David. I’ve heard nothing but great things about your discussion with the folks shared it from last week. [00:03:23][20.0]

David Blackmon: [00:03:24] It was fun. It was fun. And Ed Crooks from Wood Mackenzie was the moderator. And yeah, we had a great panel discussion. I’m hoping to get the video here in the next day or two so I can post it up on my substack for everybody to to view it. [00:03:38][14.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:03:39] We had to put it out as a Energy Question, but I think that would be phenomenal. [00:03:44][5.3]

David Blackmon: [00:03:45] I think that’d be good. Yeah. [00:03:46][1.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:03:47] You know, David, on our new marketing materials, since you guys are part of the Sandstone Media group, you know we’ve got new pictures coming out and everything else. So, you know, if you want to be, yeah, if you’re going to be empowered, if you’re going to be impotent, you might as well look impotent, right? As we say in Oklahoma anyway. [00:04:07][19.9]

David Blackmon: [00:04:09] Well, at my age, that’s easy to do. Look impotent. Yeah. [00:04:12][3.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:19] Podcasts listeners hear our podcast since we get most of our traction on podcast. I’m wearing a ten gallon hat and I’m doing my was it Dwight Yoakam? He brings it down like this, and he’s always You’ve never seen him. But then you pull off. Have you ever seen Dwight Yoakam? Looks just like me. He’s that can for a skin color. [00:04:42][23.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:04:43] It’s the reason why he wears that ad everywhere he goes. [00:04:45][2.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:46] Oh, yeah. [00:04:46][0.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:04:47] Yeah. [00:04:47][0.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:47] I love Dwight Yoakam, though. But you know, our t you had some great stories coming around the corner. We’ve got an action packed show. We’re sitting here and hey, is our favorite listeners out there. I have a live media kit that we’re starting to put together. It’s already together. It’s in a Pelican Box and we’re going to start heaven here in the next month or so. [00:05:12][24.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:05:12] We’re going to start going to live bars and we’re going to want that’s where I’m going to be wearing my hat. And you guys can sign a hat, you know, instead of like signing somebody’s chest or something. But you’re going to be able to come by and we’re going to actually have events where we have live podcasts. So anyway, Artie, you had some fabulous points to make. And I mean, I was busting the gut listening to you was. [00:05:37][24.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:05:38] Oh, well, you know, it’s amazing what a week has done. First of all, you know, just I mean, just let’s just talk about what’s going on in the world right now. Are really here in America. I mean, did you guys hear about that thing that happened in Los Angeles this past week? [00:05:55][16.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:05:56] Oh, it was. It was disgusting. It was it was funny. And I thought it was a joke. At first. [00:06:02][5.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:03] I thought. [00:06:03][0.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:06:04] I gotta go. [00:06:05][0.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:05] That’s exactly like, you know, I almost thought they were building up a joke. No different than what you do in the beginning. Dave, did you hear about this? [00:06:12][6.7]

David Blackmon: [00:06:12] I have no idea what you’re talking about. [00:06:14][1.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:14] Oh, my gosh. It’s terrible. Yeah. And again. I don’t have any details, okay? Because it’s almost too hard to believe that the police in Los Angeles shot a man with no legs. [00:06:28][13.8]

David Blackmon: [00:06:30] You were in a wheelchair or something like that. [00:06:32][2.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:06:33] I thought, you know, I’ll let you go on on this. I thought it was like Monty Python when in the old days, when they would have a garden party and blood was going everywhere and. Okay, I’m laughing at that. I was way up there. No guy he had a knife. He went to a knife with no legs. He went to a gunfight with no legs and a knife. [00:06:57][23.6]

David Blackmon: [00:06:57] And it was the police shot him? [00:06:58][1.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:59] Yeah, they shot him. They was threatening anybody. And again, I get this, okay? I’m all for the police 100%. Okay. But L.A. doesn’t even have body cams anymore. Not anymore. They don’t. They don’t have body cams. So we got to get stuff from other cameras or something like that. [00:07:20][20.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:07:20] And I saw part of the video and and it was at first I thought it was a joke. I mean, he was like, do you guys remember trading places with Eddie Murphy? [00:07:29][9.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:07:30] Yes, yes, yes. [00:07:31][1.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:07:32] One of the best scenes in the world I can see, you know, And I mean, I love the and then I’m sitting here going, but it was terrible. I’m going to go right just because of this. [00:07:47][14.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:07:48] Yeah, I hope not. Yeah. No, it was terrible David And then the other thing, you know, as we’re sitting here today, did the Chinese contact you guys at all last week? They tried to get a hold of. I think they overflew my house. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they were up here in the air above Mansfield. [00:08:05][17.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:08:07] Oh, yeah. [00:08:07][0.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:08:08] Well, the jet stream comes down this far, doesn’t it? [00:08:10][2.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:08:11] Oh, yeah. Yeah. Tell us about that. Blown everybody in the whole world Heard about it. [00:08:16][5.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:08:16] Well, I mean, didn’t that. I mean, she’s. I tell you what, I really. You know what I’ll, I’ll go there for a second. I think it’s more of a conspiracy than it is anything else that, uh. [00:08:26][10.2]

David Blackmon: [00:08:27] Why do you think that? [00:08:27][0.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:08:28] Well, no, it’s real. No, no, I’m sorry. It was real, but I really feel like it was the epitome of quick look up while they did other stuff to distract us all. That’s. That’s really what I think. It was really more about it. And then all of a sudden, did you ever hear or read the report that a Biden administrative official this was a CNN report, but they wouldn’t say who it was, said that more of these went through during Trump’s administration. [00:08:59][30.3]

David Blackmon: [00:08:59] Right. It is like so, which is nonsense about yes, it was a lie. [00:09:04][4.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:09:05] I saw that article. It was a lie. [00:09:08][2.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:09] It’s like, gosh, just just look, you know, we’re doing something else. Y’all shut it down after it was over. Look, I love Montana. I love the show, y’all. Great show. However, I’m pretty sure you could have shot it down. I’m going to have you could have had rep. Just take that balloon to the train station. Right? There you go. Yes. Have you caught up yet, David, on Yellowstone? [00:09:31][21.9]

David Blackmon: [00:09:32] I have. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. [00:09:33][1.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:34] What do you say? [00:09:34][0.5]

David Blackmon: [00:09:35] Well, what do you what does this have to do with energy? [00:09:39][3.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:40] That’s right. That’s right. Sorry. Okay. All right. Okay. [00:09:43][2.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:09:43] Let’s bring you back in. Okay. This does have a impact on energy. And I’ll go there and just say, let me back up for one second. Bloom started in World War Two. Japan was going on and they were bringing them up and then blowing them over. My dad, 50 years ago, 50 years ago, before he went to Vietnam, was scrambled out of Idaho and was responding to balloons. [00:10:11][28.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:10:12] You know how they handle it. But then they shut them silly things down. I am irritated even know if it’s a wag the dog. Dog. Dale. Yeah. Shoot these things down Now, everybody sitting here kind of and I’m sorry if we’re getting a little bit violent and I’m getting all worked up here. My blood pressure has just gone through my ear. Here’s part of the problem on this. [00:10:34][22.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:10:35] Those that everybody says, oh, they can get pictures, they can get more than that. They can get down to the inch with those new cameras and they can get cell phone data, they can get towers, they can get locations of any radio material they can get police stations. [00:10:52][17.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:10:53] They don’t want any of this stuff that is the key difference, because if you wanted to come in and you want to do some read, was it read? Whatever it is, it hangs out. What was the Red Dawn? When they parachuted in, you’re going to do a Red Dawn on the U.S. You want to know where those cell phone towers are and everything else. And I’m not doing a conspiracy theory here on this. Why are we allowing this when they’ve even got wind farms and they’ve got Chinese radios right outside in Texas listening all this stuff? That’s the part nobody’s talking about. [00:11:29][35.9]

David Blackmon: [00:11:30] Well, just to link this actually this discussion to energy, it could also be taking a look at and mapping key infrastructure related to our power grids. [00:11:42][11.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:11:42] Exactly. [00:11:42][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:11:44] I mean, that’s that’s really a big concern to me is the security of the power grid. And, you know, if you’re going to I’m not that I’m saying China’s about to invade the United States. But if you were going to a really good way to disable the mobility in this country would be to attack the power grid and disable grid. [00:12:07][23.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:12:07] And Artie you know what EMP is? [00:12:10][3.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:12:12] I do actually, that’s an electronic. [00:12:13][1.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:12:16] Electromagnetic. [00:12:16][0.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:12:17] Magnetic, Electromagnetic pulse. Thank you not electronic. And, you know, that’s money kind of bringing it back over, bringing it back to the wind turbine. Did you guys hear this story about one of the largest wind turbine companies? [00:12:36][18.7]

David Blackmon: [00:12:37] They’re based out of Germany. And what they lost for the quarter of 20 of the last quarter from October to December 2022. What’s the future about this 20 brands? [00:12:46][9.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:12:47] Yeah, what’s a few billion between friends? [00:12:48][1.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:12:49] They lost $1,000,000,000. They lost. And what this company is calling for is for further government action. They’re basically blaming all these losses that they had as this giant wind turbine company or lack of permits and the lack of support. And I’m like, what are you talking about? [00:13:13][23.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:13:13] What country was this? [00:13:14][0.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:13:15] Germany drove Germany. Yeah. It was called the Simmons Gammas. Siemens. Gamesa. Yeah, Siemens coming out. You know. [00:13:27][12.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:13:28] David’s the smart one in the room. This one read. [00:13:30][1.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:13:30] The same story. Yeah. Yeah. [00:13:31][1.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:13:31] This would not be a story without David. [00:13:33][2.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:13:34] No, no. And I mean, just how can you. I mean, to me, that just says, Hey, I need more government subsidies more than it does anything else. But it also really dictates, in my opinion, the market and capitalism, which is you want to do a transition, let the market decide how the transition goes. [00:13:56][21.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:13:57] Because right now, again, as a oil and gas entrepreneur, as an empty producer, I look for other investments. And right now wind is not an investment where I’m going to ever see a return on my investment in a decent amount of time right now. And this really just goes to show you how much money is being lost every year on all these wind turbines and solar farms as well. [00:14:25][28.3]

David Blackmon: [00:14:26] Well, yeah. You’re not going to see a return on investment without the subsidies for sure. And and the fact that this giant company, Siemens Gamesa, is a subsidiary of Siemens. It’s a joint venture between those two companies. [00:14:41][14.3]

David Blackmon: [00:14:41] Okay. To do these wind farm installations. And but Siemens is this giant corporation that has existed in Germany for over a century ,Okay. And it’s really unseemly for these enormous companies like this to to, you know, to be now saying that one, feeding at the government subsidy trough isn’t enough for us. [00:15:08][26.4]

David Blackmon: [00:15:09] You know, a company with all this capability and and financial infrastructure to be able to make make a profitable go of these wind farms. And so how much is ever going to be enough is my question. Honestly, I don’t think any amount of subsidies will ever satisfy the appetite of some of these companies. And it’s really I just thought that whole story was frankly disgusting. [00:15:35][26.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:15:36] And David, I want both of you to talk about this. I think it rolled in to two other stories. And there’s a big bunch of stories going along with the wind farms. There’s a whole pandemic going on right now of the big wind turbines falling over. There’s a barge falling over. [00:15:56][19.7]

David Blackmon: [00:15:56] Yeah, Yeah. They’re having a problem with with stability, structural stability as these. So the problem. Wind is so limited. The only innovation you can do with wind is to go higher. Keep going higher and higher. [00:16:11][14.4]

David Blackmon: [00:16:12] You know, ten years ago, those structures were 200 to 300 feet tall, and then they started making them 500 feet tall because the higher you go, the faster the wind blows. And now some of these things, these towers are 700 feet tall. And when one of those damn things falls down, it’s like the Tower of the Americas falling over. [00:16:31][19.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:16:32] Hang on. This is Joe. This is Joe Biden. Joke. Wait a minute. You want to do what? Hey, he’s got a great idea. He just heard from Brendan. They’re going to put windmills on balloons as they come across. [00:16:47][15.0]

David Blackmon: [00:16:48] There you go. There you go. [00:16:49][1.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:16:49] Hey, I’ll talk to you later, Joey. [00:16:50][0.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:16:51] So some of these wind turbines are now as tall as like. I visit San Antonio on a free. That’s how America’s no joke. It’s 700 feet tall. This town, America’s, is 700 feet tall. The Space Needle in Seattle is only 600 feet tall. There’s wind turbines taller than that dang thing. [00:17:10][18.6]

David Blackmon: [00:17:11] That is dangerous. [00:17:11][0.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:17:13] And that brings up the other one. And it is the one where we have when we had the whale, the whales. Biggest stories last week, seven whale. [00:17:29][15.2]

David Blackmon: [00:17:29] Offshore. [00:17:29][0.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:17:30] Wind. And in the offshore wind we talked about and it’s like all of a sudden the vibrations are driving everybody. And another article came out this weekend that said, I thought it was them just running into the stands because the stands in the under there’s you have them where they come in, then you have them where they’re fanned out and they’re normal like oil derricks right in there have them floating. It’s the vibrations that drive them nuts. [00:17:55][25.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:17:56] Well, they’re all sonar. I mean, they use sonar like it’s going out. And, you know, they’re natural sonar creatures. And it is what is I mean, the captain to the I mean, what happened to save the whales, you know? You know, by that by Substack article about that this week. [00:18:15][18.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:18:15] And I mean, I love fishing. I love hunting, and I don’t want to hurt anything. I use those offshore oil rigs to go deep sea fishing because those turn into reefs like they’re manmade reefs. But go see these creatures that are 50, you know, 100 years old, washed up on shore because of these manmade stuff. [00:18:39][23.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:18:39] And we’re only going to continue to build these platforms that damage our sea life. And somebody made a great point that the plankton helps create like a ton of oxygen somehow, I think, for the world and that the whales with the plane, you know, the circle of life right there, like like the original 1993 is the circle of life. [00:19:04][24.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:19:05] Right. So it’s plankton is huge. [00:19:07][1.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:19:08] Yeah, it’s just dangerous. [00:19:09][0.8]

David Blackmon: [00:19:10] Yeah, well, it’s a problem, I mean you know it. But we have we have ignored so many environmental and human rights issues related to renewable energy. You know, I would say, well, you know, the wind industry’s going to have to figure that out. But I mean, we ignore the use of slave labor in China. We ignore the use of child labor in Africa. [00:19:33][23.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:19:35] To copper. Cobalt. [00:19:37][2.2]

David Blackmon: [00:19:38] Yeah. And, you know, so it’s just like, well, if it’s wind, it will we ignore the fact that wind turbines are the second or large, second or third largest global killer of birds on earth and kill more and more every year as more and more turbines go up. [00:19:55][17.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:19:56] Yep. [00:19:56][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:19:56] So, you know, I guess we’ll ignore the whales dying, too, so we can get this, quote, green energy, which it really isn’t all that green, but that’s another story. [00:20:08][12.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:20:09] I tell you what. Oh, yeah, I said. I’ll tell you what. First of all, you know whatever happened to the save the whales? Like the seals, you know, and. But, you know. [00:20:19][10.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:20:19] Are you saying, oh, well, maybe serious. [00:20:21][1.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:20:21] His house and. [00:20:22][1.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:20:23] Sailing club baby seals. [00:20:24][1.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:20:24] No, I did not say that. Oh, but we could almost do like something because you just said it, right, David, you want to make that point? Why do we ignore the environment when it comes to renewable, a.k.a. green energy for sources? And that’s that’s a great point right there, David. And we could almost do a whole discussion on that. And I bet people pay top dollar for that discussion, right? [00:20:48][23.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:20:48] Top dollar. And in in on my substack that I’m stealing all of David’s stuff as our you would say I’m stealing all of David’s stuff here. [00:20:57][9.3]

David Blackmon: [00:20:58] For the taking, Folks. [00:20:58][0.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:20:58] It is there is good stuff better than mine. But on my substack I said there’s three different stages of whale interaction with whales in people in the U.S. One oil save the whales because kerosene was being made by whales. Bring in oil and bring in it. It’s went to kerosene. All of a sudden it was not worth anything anymore. [00:21:23][24.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:21:23] And oil in the United States saved the whales. You come in to the next piece of it and ESG funding and I’ve got. A bunch of other stuff on that we’ll talk about in the next ones. But ESG funding is killing the U.S. [00:21:40][16.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:21:41] So then you have all the ESG funding going to green and the green subsidies, and then that’s going in and it’s now killing the whales. So now it’s evolved back again. Can oil save the whales the second time? And if you sit back and kind of look about this orderly progression, we maybe oil will be saving the whales the second time. [00:22:06][24.7]

David Blackmon: [00:22:07] That’s that’s deep right there, Stu. Man. [00:22:09][2.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:22:11] Quite the thought process there. Are you that cowboy? [00:22:14][3.0]

David Blackmon: [00:22:14] Yeah, I know me. [00:22:16][1.6]

David Blackmon: [00:22:16] Holy cow. They talk about green energy, ESG investing, ESG investors. Yeah, Three of the biggest investors. And Siemens. Gamesa. Siemens owns 51% of the company. [00:22:29][12.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:22:30] Wow. [00:22:30][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:22:31] But the other 49% is owned by other investors, including the biggest BlackRock. Vanguard and State Street. ESG investors are part of that $1 billion loss on wind energy. And guess who’s paying for that? Ultimately, all the retirees like me, who have estimates in Vanguard and BlackRock funds. [00:22:57][26.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:22:58] Right. [00:22:58][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:22:59] And so I’m calling my investment advisor today until we get the hell out of those funds. Do it. Do it. Hey, David, I don’t. I know, I know. I know. We’ve got a good full day ahead of us today. But did you by chance read that substack that Ed Ireland did about how natural gas with ERCOT and all that fun stuff this week? Yeah. [00:23:23][24.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:23:24] And just I mean, just, you know, here we had bad weather again and once again, natural gas is what kept us all warm. And I think you even did an absurdity about that. You know, so I mean, what happened in Texas last week, it got cold. [00:23:38][14.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:23:39] Cold. [00:23:39][0.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:23:40] And and it got cloudy and icy. And all of that means that renewables are going to underperform. God only deliver a small percentage of their nameplate capacity. And so what happened? Well, the grid became very heavy natural gas and natural gas got us through there with no upsets on the grid this time. Yes, at all. Newsweek filed a completely false report this morning. Oh, well, claiming that the Texas grid had had failures. And it’s a problem for Governor Abbott, how Governor Abbott ought to be taking a victory lap right now. [00:24:21][41.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:24:22] There were 400,000 Texans who lost power. Power? Guess who 250,000 of them were? They were people in Austin. Austin has its own utility, Austin Energy, which is not connected to the grid, and it suffered massive failures. [00:24:39][17.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:24:40] Nice. [00:24:40][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:24:40] I can’t blame the governor. And you can’t blame ERCOT for that, folks. Sorry. The other hundred and 50,000 who lost power were around the state when trees and branches from trees fell on power lines and not power out in very limited areas across the state. There’s 30 million people in Texas and only 150,000 of them lost power. So Newsweek filed a completely false report and should be ashamed of themselves for being so ignorant about what’s really going on in Texas. [00:25:12][32.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:13] I find that I find that hilarious when Austin is probably the Mother Nature capital of Texans and 250 of them didn’t have it. And then the other 150 used to be it was Mother Nature that caused the power lines to break. You know, and I just. [00:25:29][15.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:25:29] The fanbase ain’t big in Austin. I can look at the stats on where people listen. They don’t like us because we actually speak the truth. [00:25:36][7.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:37] Well, and also I want to comment to all of our Up North listeners that, you know, we have we have ICE here in Texas. We don’t get snow to where we can drive. It gets iced and and towards real it gets on the on the roads and it stays there for 24 hours. [00:25:55][17.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:55] So, you know, for our listeners out there, no, it’s not just that little bit of snow that we were shut down for. It was ice that we were shut down. Yeah. But our let our listeners know that, hey, we know what it is. And, and then I love how they’re naming of two days. This was called Winter storm Mara and I mean where are they? Why? What? [00:26:16][20.9]

David Blackmon: [00:26:18] Well, because it’s easier to catastrophize a pretty standard issue Texas winter storm if you give it a name, Right. Oh, okay. That’s that’s why they name. [00:26:29][11.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:26:31] I was. Didn’t you have a thing for my Irina this morning on something that was actually pretty hilarious? The wind farms in Scotland are having to run on diesel. [00:26:43][11.4]

David Blackmon: [00:26:44] Yeah, that was. That was quite a story that came from Arena Slav and Tammy Nemeth and my fellow podcasters on the The Energy Transition podcast. Yeah, and a whistle blower who actually worked for this Scottish Energy wind farm blew the whistle and said that, you know, when it got really cold over there in Scotland in recent weeks, they had to install diesel generators to prevent the wind turbines from freezing up. [00:27:17][33.2]

David Blackmon: [00:27:19] Okay, so you’re renewable. Green energy in Scotland was being provided only thanks to diesel generators preventing the turbines from freezing up. That’s the truth about your green energy. [00:27:34][15.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:27:34] You know, it takes a village to raise an idiot and and that just is amazing when you sit back and think about it. Last summer, guys, we ran a story on Energy News Beat, the EnergyNewBeat.com. Best website in the world and the opinionated. But it ran on 14,000 trees in Scotland had been cut down for their wind farm. [00:27:57][22.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:27:57] Yeah. [00:27:57][0.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:27:57] Yeah, that went absolutely ballistic. Our server was just gone, eh? Yeah. McFly. Hey, what’s going on? I mean, it went ballistic. And so if you take Then last week we ran a story on Scotland, and last week the pollution now is killing people over there because the plastic on all the wind farm rolling around. Though. [00:28:25][27.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:28:25] Is now they’re breaking off. They’re falling off, and those plastic is getting into the livestock. And so now they’ve got a pollution problem going on. And I’m interviewing some people coming up this Thursday. There’s something that is not being talked about in the wind industry, and it’s the number of deaths in the field from the wind farms. [00:28:50][25.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:28:51] And it’s not because guys are flying by on their when, you know, their little private little, you know, little. Airplanes and stuff that they, you know, the parachutes of the motor on the back. You know, that’s a technical term, whatever that is. No, it’s actually workers. This lady had to quit because they were having to move die within a month from people dying on the job on wind farms. I can’t find stats on this. [00:29:21][29.9]

Stuart Turley: [00:29:22] And she said it’s a national problem. Okay. Which one? Open border drugs coming across. You got, you know, all this kind of stuff. And then you got wind farm deaths. I can’t find the numbers. [00:29:33][11.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:29:35] Guy. We can’t find. We covered nobody there. So, yeah, you can’t find accurate COVID numbers. You can find COVID numbers, but you can’t trust them. Yeah, man. It just goes to show you that we are living in the truly the most upside down world ever. [00:29:53][18.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:29:54] I mean, I’ve said that before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again that you know, that your absurdity today, I mean, that just goes beyond absurd. I mean, it’s, you know, we we are living in a world that does not understand itself anymore. I think, like I always say, it’s the most target rich environment imaginable. You just I mean, I could do 20 of them a day, frankly. [00:30:16][21.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:30:16] You know, David, your your absurdity of the day is phenomenal. I live for that absurdity today. And if it’s not there on the time. [00:30:24][7.7]

David Blackmon: [00:30:26] You need to get more of life’s do. I’m worried about. [00:30:28][2.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:30:28] I work 19 hours a day and my wife and so 11 bride snores and I’m laying there asleep. And all of a sudden I hear, you know, snoring. If she stops snoring, if she stops snoring, I absolutely freak out. And I’m like, is she dead? And I can’t sleep unless she’s snoring. Same thing with you, David. I can’t live my day until I read it. It’s on your substack. [00:30:57][28.8]

David Blackmon: [00:30:58] Now, that’s too much responsibilities to you. Can’t do that to me. [00:31:01][3.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:31:03] My poor wife. Just kidding. No, lets see my wife’s snoring or energy absurd of the day. And. And Auntie, your Crude truth is absolutely phenomenal. How are we going to change the name of The Crude truth to the You can’t use energy absurdity today. So the crude energy absurdity day in your day is me. Crude truth is, I don’t know. You’re always stealing material from both of us, so why not steal the names of our podcasts? [00:31:35][32.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:31:36] There you go. There you go. [00:31:38][1.4]

David Blackmon: [00:31:38] It’s for sale, by the way. You know I’m easy money here. [00:31:42][3.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:31:42] Yeah. Yeah. No, it you know, I enjoy it. And I tell you what, just. Just the opportunity to work with you guys and bounce ideas off. You know, I had another radio interview I did late last week. You mean I called Stuart this time? David, you know, I’ve called you up as well in the past. [00:32:03][20.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:32:03] And the first thing I said when I get gas prices have gone up now for five weeks in a row. And the first thing I told the radio guys, the deejays was, you know, you ever want to talk to me when prices go low? We can talk about that. And you heard me last week on w something in Ohio. So thank you to them that listen to me by the way, you just you’ve just. [00:32:33][29.8]

David Blackmon: [00:32:34] Brought me to my pet peeve of last week. Oh, so I’m coming back. My wife and I are driving back from Houston Thursday afternoon trying to beat the ice, the roads from refreezing over again in Mansfield and I was running low on gas, so I had to pull over and Huntsville, Texas, to get gas into busses. And I know there is no Bucky’s in Huntsville. Better. This is this is the problem. [00:32:58][23.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:32:58] Okay,. [00:32:58][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:32:59] So I pull off and there’s a Phillips 66 station and all you folks are fill up 66. Y’all need to train whoever owns this filling station on I-45 in because I pull up there and unfortunately, I got one of these European cars that requires premium gas and I’m about to fill the car up. [00:33:19][20.3]

David Blackmon: [00:33:19] When I look down at the tank and the price is 490 991 for a gallon of premium and regular was for 29 at this station. Well, the previous Monday, as we were driving down to Houston, we filled up at Bucky’s for 389 for premium. Okay,. [00:33:41][22.4]

David Blackmon: [00:33:43] So this whoever owns that Phillips 66 station is price gouging because they got they figure they have a captive audience coming in off of I 45 including stupid old me. No but I just. Are you folks at Phillips, 66? He’s got your brand on his gasoline. [00:34:02][19.7]

David Blackmon: [00:34:04] Well, might want to make a phone call and tell him to get a little more reasonable with their retail prices to go. Go ahead and give Uncle Joe a call back. He talks about that all the time, that word. Well, I found the one example and there’s the one. So he’s not a liar. [00:34:21][17.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:34:23] Oh, I know. And David, I think I sent you some of those. Let’s go, Brandon. Stickers for your walker. [00:34:28][5.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:34:29] Yes. [00:34:29][0.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:34:30] You know, those are some good, you know. Yo, you got it when you’re doing your walker thing, man. Lets go Brandon on your walker. That’s a good. [00:34:38][7.3]

David Blackmon: [00:34:39] I put so many of those those stickers on gas pumps all over Texas the last couple of years and that. [00:34:45][5.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:34:45] Great. Hey, real quick, I have to give a shout out to the mountain lion over here. I mean, last night I had a mountain lion scare the hell out of me over here. And if you’ve ever heard of Mountain Lion, it does sound like my ex-wife. I mean, I puckered and I pulled a Joe Biden on me here. [00:35:07][22.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:35:07] My defends was full. I mean, it was like, boom. My dog was looking at me going, Hey, did you know I’m you’re on your own? So anyway, with that, we’re going to go around the corner here. David, what’s coming around the corner for you? And what do you think everybody should see? [00:35:26][18.8]

David Blackmon: [00:35:27] Oh, I’m excited. I’m excited. This week I’m interviewing both Tammy Nemeth and the great Meredith Angwin,. \. [00:35:34][7.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:35:34] Nice [00:35:34][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:35:35] Author of Shorting the Grid for my Energy Question podcast this week. And if you’ve missed it, just posted on Sunday my interview with Daniel Yergin. It was there, Yeah. The author of The Prize and New Map. It’s terrific. He gave me his views on the Energy transition. Yeah, go to my substack at Blackman.Substack dot com and you can see it there. [00:36:01][26.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:36:02] On a side note for I’m going to give a shout out to Meredith, her shortening the grid not shortening the grid as we say up here in Oklahoma, but shorting the grid. [00:36:13][11.0]

David Blackmon: [00:36:14] Shorting, shorting. [00:36:15][0.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:36:16] Shorting the grid is absolutely a phenomenal book. Go Yes, because physics don’t lie. Physics and finance don’t lie on the grid. So great job, David, for scoring that one. Hey RT, what do you got coming up? [00:36:34][18.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:36:35] Oh, man. Just got a full week ahead. Got as far as MP work goes, got a few fracs, got to get going. Hopefully this week those weather permits. And then if you haven’t checked out my latest episode of The Creatures with Jay Younger fellow operator and motivational guy, and also used to be part owner of the Texas Ranger. [00:36:56][20.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:36:56] So if you want to kind of go to Style Joe a little bit, talk a little about the World Series days or World Series. You know, definitely take a look at it. But also, I look forward to dropping my newest episode of The Crude Truth with the newest professor at TCU at the Ralph Lo Energy Institute. Tom, See and also look at that one here the next week. So so we’ve got a great week ahead looking for us. [00:37:21][24.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:37:21] I got a bunch of I got like five I’m recording this week and I’ve got a bunch more now that’s not including my Daily Show, which is five a week. And I’d like to thank all my listeners. I think I’ve got five of them and they rotate and and honestly, our group at Sandstone Media, if we stay on this path at Sandstone Media, which you guys are running your, your podcast through, I think within a month or two we’re going to be hitting 300,000 downloads a month off of our podcast. Awesome. I mean that is, that is sponsored worthy. [00:37:56][34.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:37:57] Well, that’s very sponsor worthy and but you know, I will say this. I think with what you’re doing, I have to compare the energy absurdity, as awesome as that is every day right now to what you are doing with the Energy News Daily. [00:38:15][17.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:38:16] Those two things right there really help you get get your day going in the oil and gas industry there’s only just talked about. So there there’s my shameless promotion. Jeffery, check out the energy absurdity of the day with David Blackman on LinkedIn or Twitter and the energy news, The Daily Show on obviously EnergyNewBeat.com [00:38:37][21.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:38:39] Hey, we’re going to try to drop this show tomorrow and we are committed or commendable, I’m not sure which, but we are committed to once a week and we’re getting these bad dogs out because of the feedback. Ask us questions. [00:38:51][11.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:38:52] Yes,. [00:38:52][0.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:38:52] Pundit’s notes. We love our fans. Thank you all very much. We will see you all next week. [00:38:52][0.0]




David Blackmon, RT Trevino, Stu Turley

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