Have you ever had your uncle start a joke with "There were these 3 Podcasters walk into a bar"? 

We have, and thought that we were just the 3 podcast hosts that should make this joke become a reality. We have lots of fun covering the entire energy market. Nuclear, oil, gas, wind, solar, thermal, hydro and the geopolitical issues facing the energy crisis.  No one is safe from jokes, especially us! 

RT Trevino, E&P owner, David Blackmon, Energy writer and contributor at Forbes.com , and Stu Turley, Well, we are not sure what he does, all have a blast kicking energy around. 

Stu Turley, CEO, Sandstone Group, Podcast Host ENB Daily Show,

David Blackmon, Principal at DB Energy Advisors, Forbes Contributor, Podcast Host

Rey Travino, Pecos Operating Corporation, The Crude Truth Podcast.

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