April 26

3 Podcasters Walk in a Bar EP23 – The world is lining up to join BRICS


3 Podcasters Walk in a Bar EP23 – The world is lining up to join BRICS

Highlights of the Podcast

The world is lining up to join BRICS, and what does that do to the U.S. Dollar? After you listen to the gang, let us know what you think.

00:00 – Intro

05:45 – Talks about Jamie Diamond when he stood in Congress and his article “Wall Street titan Jamie Dimon says seize private land for wind and solar builds “

10:23 – Is Jamie Diamond being Blackmailed and talks about Epstein Island?

15:49 – Talks about the Wind Industry

21:59 – China is responsible for making 80% of the products used in solar and wind.

25:43 – Outro

With 3 unique personalities, backgrounds, and one horrible team sense of humor, it makes for fun talks around the energy markets.

David Blackmon is a Forbes author and currently writes Energy Absurdities of the Day. He has several active podcasts with ….. His industry leadership is evident, but a dry, calm way of expressing himself adds a different twist.

R.T. Trevillon is the podcast host of The Crude Truth filmed in Fort Worth Texas and runs an oil and gas E&P company. Pecos Country Operating has been in business for ….years and has a constant commitment to all of their stakeholders and is actively working in this oil and gas market.

Stu Turley is the co-podcast host of the Energy News Beat Podcast. While Stu is a legend in his own mind,

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Video Transcription edited for grammar. We disavow any errors unless they make us look better or smarter.

3 Podcasters Walk in a Bar Episode 23 – The world is lining up to join BRICS, and what does that do to the U.S. Dollar?


Stuart Turley [00:00:14] Hello Everybody, do you ever have one of them days? We got one day. We also had one of them Uncle’s at a party when he started saying these three people walked into a bar. I happened to have two of them with other people.

Stuart Turley [00:00:30] Welcome to the 3 Podcasters Walk into a Bar. First, around the corner, we’ve got David Blackmon. He is the author extraordinaire, contributing author to Forbes. He’s on the Energy Question, which is knocking out of the park, got some big names around there. And then he’s also on The Energy Transition with Irene Slav and Armando and Tammy. Welcome, David.

David Blackmon [00:01:01] Hey, man, how you guys doing today? It’s a beautiful day in Texas, as usual.

Stuart Turley [00:01:08] Beautiful day in the neighborhood.

David Blackmon [00:01:10] Yes it is!

Stuart Turley [00:01:10] Next around the corner we’ve got The RT. RTis one of them big dog EMP kind of guys over there at Pecos Operating Corporation. And he’s also the podcast host for The Crude Truth. An amazing piece of work out there. Everybody’s got to follow our RT on LinkedIn and everything else. Welcome, RT. How are you?

Rey Trevino [00:01:39] Oh, Thank you, Thank You for having me. Yes. Thank you so much. The crude truth that I’ve been blessed. It’s really done very well. I can’t believe it. Thank you to everybody that listens to both shows.

Rey Trevino [00:01:51] And speaking of shows, I’ll be sure to, like, subscribe to 3 Podcasters Walk into a Bar. I like to think that it gets to see me Stew and the infamous David Blackmon and a somewhat of different light not necessarily too serious, but we still talk about serious subjects as if we’re just sitting around the bar and sitting on bar stools having a cold one. And I know I’m excited about this. Summer will be we’ll be out at a few different locations so be ready for that to all our listeners out there.

Stuart Turley [00:02:25] Boy, we nailed that and I forgot to introduce myself My Name is Stuart Turley President and CEO of Sandstone Group I got me the energy excuse me Yeah the Energy News Beat Podcast Daily Stand Up and also the other one which is the just the Energy News Beat Podcast where I interview CEOs and industry thought leaders. Anyway, with that, I’d like to start out with my first story about J.P. Morgan Chase. Oh, sorry. Go ahead.

Rey Trevino [00:02:54] Well, no, I mean, you know, I just wanted to rag on you a little bit real quick before we jumped into this news. I mean, I can’t believe you didn’t introduce yourself first. I mean, you’re the one where the quote-unquote, sin gang had to be so we know. We know when you walk into a place.

Rey Trevino [00:03:09] But I mean, I know that lately you have just been rocking and rolling with energy news. I mean, what have you guys been doing over there to where you really are? Kind of like, oh, wait, we’re okay this is where I’m at right now with three podcasts. What’s going on?

Stuart Turley [00:03:25] No. Hey, thank you RT. One of the big things is we’ve been averaging about 25,000 on the low end of visitors on the website, and it goes up all the way up to 65,000. It depends on what kind of things we’ve got going on. It is some of the best energy stories. I look at just about every story that goes on out there and that’s where I get my knowledge. I’m beside the stuff I steal from Irena Slav. David I’m just kidding on that. But ah..

David Blackmon [00:04:03] No You’re not! No, you’re not!

Stuart Turley [00:04:06] I do want to say because you got the crude truth and the energy question and the energy transition weekly and the energy news, the podcast, our podcast family is is on target for the million downloads this year, 2023. And it looks like or October if we just hit our numbers that we’re currently hitting. So hats off. To you guys. So, you know. Hey. Very well done. Thanks for the question.

Rey Trevino [00:04:41] And that’s the energy news, correct. Where everybody gets all their daily oil and gas information and not just oil and gas, but all energy, news.

Stuart Turley [00:04:51] International, geopolitical, financial and it’s all about nobody really covers the geopolitical, financial and energy combined because they’re all interrelated. And we, as we know in Arkansas, they are interrelated. So.

Rey Trevino [00:05:12] Moving on to the audience now.

David Blackmon [00:05:17] Let’s go to the next day.

Rey Trevino [00:05:18] Okay. Hey, Jp morgan. I love Mr. Jamie Diamond and the title of this article on The Energy News Beat Thank you RT. Jp morgan Chase goes Full fascist. Let me back up a little bit. I was chit-chatting with David before RT stumbled into the bar in the podcast. And when we he was I love me some James Jamie Diamond when he stood in front of the bar excuse me, the Congress. And what was his quote? He said.

David Blackmon [00:05:59] Yeah, we stop investing in fossil fuels that puts us on the highway to hell. I road to tell the road to hell

Stuart Turley [00:06:07] I mean, everybody started dancing like a cowboy out there that was a great line. This article then now starts talking about his eminent domain where he wants to go out start caption says, Everybody doing renewable energy needs to go out and then all of a sudden just start taking whatever land they need because we know wind farms and solar, we need all energy. I’m okay with that, but it takes up a lot of land. He says, Go ahead, just wipe out everybody’s house, take eminent domain, do whatever you got to do, wipe out the whales, anybody. And and I just find that despicable. What do you. Well, I.

David Blackmon [00:06:51] Think it’s a it’s a dangerous notion because you’re when you say that, well, we just need to take people’s land, whatever we need to facilitate wind and solar. Well, then you’re just one step away from saying, well, I think we need to just steal every election for the people who want to do what we want them to do. Right.

David Blackmon [00:07:14] Fix the elections to ensure that you don’t get another Trump presidency that interrupts the road to renewable paradise. And literally, that’s just one step away from there. So it’s a very dangerous notion. That said at that, a call to a Republican democracy like we supposedly have here in the United States.

Rey Trevino [00:07:36] While bad, David, you just kind of took it in a whole different way right there.

David Blackmon [00:07:42] Well, that’s true.

Rey Trevino [00:07:43] I mean, but no, you are absolutely right. Before I get started, I think Jamie Diamond is a and I don’t know the man personally, So I guess this is my opinion and we all know what we all have, what every human has opinions and something else. And, you know, some people think they all, and they all state. But he’s a very smart man.

Rey Trevino [00:08:06] I think since J.P. Morgan, which was a century ago. Have we not seen a banker like that? So for him to come out two, three months ago and say, hey, man, you get rid of fossil fuel today, it’s the highway to hell.

Rey Trevino [00:08:26] And then for him to come out with, hey, if we want to make this, you know, wind and solar work eminent domain of us, there’s a reason behind it. Obviously, you know, he’s he’s playing the game no different to the politician.

Rey Trevino [00:08:41] And I think what he could be possibly doing is winding up the pace that he has created by saying getting rid of fossil fuels is a highway to hell. Because let’s be honest. There is no clear path today for renewable energy to be sustainable, abundant and inexpensive for the next 30 years.

Rey Trevino [00:09:08] So with him saying eminent domain, that really should hopefully worry some people and go, Wait a minute, this is serious. We can’t be doing this. And maybe that’s where this little riling up might come from, but from face value. No, absolutely. This is not cool. And it does then lead towards us taking away other right that us, but other others that are maybe empowered to deal with the bureaucracy in a way that does lead towards other things disappearing and so on and so forth of our freedoms.

Rey Trevino [00:09:44] Because eminent domain, I have not fought at all. The people need to pay for the property that they’re going to buy. I have to. You have to. So that’s kind of why, you know, long $0.02 on this whole article.

Stuart Turley [00:09:59] Oh, yeah. David Bandurski, once you have lost your audience.

David Blackmon [00:10:05] Oh, there you go.

Rey Trevino [00:10:06] There you are.

Stuart Turley [00:10:07] Oh, hey, they.

David Blackmon [00:10:08] Lost your audio.

Stuart Turley [00:10:10] Oh, well, you know, I lost my audience. You know, it’s kind of like when you say over time, you’ve heard me say in the past, if you’re going to be impotent, you might as well look impotent. And I think Jamie Diamond does look impotent.

Stuart Turley [00:10:24] But I think, guys, you both had some fabulous points. But do you think let me ask this. If his being charged with the Epstein Island is now, maybe he’s being blackmailed. RT, this could be leaning up on you, bringing it up that he’s trying to pacify his base, and so he’s trying to pacify his base. That could mean that he’s also being blackmailed because he was on them. Express planes to the island.

Rey Trevino [00:11:00] Band. That’s a fun one right there. I love it. Bring it out a little. A little, a little ct right there. Conspiracy theory. Ah, love it all. All three podcasts know, And who knows? I hope we have a dream. You know? I hope not. And you know, but. But we can see. Time will tell. That will tell. You know, we all have the influences that guide us in one direction or the other. I will say.

Stuart Turley [00:11:27] That it would not surprise me if somebody blackmailed him, kind of like Bill Clinton or, you know, any. But somebody could have blackmailed Bill Gates. I don’t know. Who knows?

Rey Trevino [00:11:40] I heard it was Richard.

David Blackmon [00:11:41] Bass and Bill Gates. His name is also on those flight logs. Let’s we’re going to go down Epstein Island Road.

Stuart Turley [00:11:49] And I still have the claim to fame the only time I ever met Bill Gates, I thoroughly hacked them off could not be any brown. That’s almost as bad as being on the U.N., Banning Irena Slav and I on one of our podcasts to get banned by the UN, you know, the U.N. as a badge of honor, pack enough Bill Gates. That’s even a bigger bag. You know what? Any interesting guy. Anyway, what are you guys up to? Talking about.

David Blackmon [00:12:22] Well, you want to talk about renewables and the special needs that the wind industry has. It’s a special needs industry.

Stuart Turley [00:12:34] All right. I’m going to interrupt. One last sec and I promise I’ll shut up RT Don’t throw up. Good grief. I always drive by some of the neighborhoods. And you see this picture of a kid running across the road and it says slow children. Is it because they’re slow children or slow?

David Blackmon [00:12:58] I think you’re missing the point of those lines, Stu. But.

Stuart Turley [00:13:01] Oh, is it because the Children

David Blackmon [00:13:04] By the way, I’m afraid that this podcast is having an impact on our reputations because, you know, when I used to, I’d do some public speaking and I used to when you go give a talk, right, you’d get a speaker’s gift beat, a little plaque or a statue or acrylic statue or something with the inscription on it. And, you know, and then they went to the Yeti cups, Right? Everybody has a Yeti Cup giveaway. You know.

David Blackmon [00:13:34] The last several speaking engagements I’ve done, they’ve started giving me alcohol as a speaker’s gift. I’ve got on my last three speaking engagements. The speaker’s gifts. Gifts have been a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of vodka and then last night, the Nomad’s group down in Houston, I went and spoke to them, gave me a very nice bottle of Cabernet California cab as a speaker’s gift. So I’m getting a bad reputation hanging out with you guys. I just want to put that out there and do the.

Stuart Turley [00:14:08] It’s the only way people can make you smile here when you’re talking to other executives. You know what you’re doing. You are an industry thought leader and we’re the only reason you smile. So either you.

David Blackmon [00:14:26] Okay, all right, or you want to do that podcast with Irina Slav, man. You talk about smiling, laughing. Holy cow.

Rey Trevino [00:14:33] Jerry.

David Blackmon [00:14:34] The time Irina starts talking she cracks me up.

Stuart Turley [00:14:36] But I actually got through talking to her at Bulgaria at 7 a.m. this morning, and it was 2 p.m. this morning. So she said, Say hi, by the way.

Rey Trevino [00:14:48] I have enjoyed you know, I got to interview all the all on the Energy Transition, right, David? And she is witty. It’s hilarious. It’s hilarious.

David Blackmon [00:14:58] And Tammy is doing really well.

Rey Trevino [00:15:01] All those you keep all those all the all those European people, you know, they are, you know, and I’ll put Miss Irena in we know she’s in the works. I know she’s in Bulgaria. But what part of that Easter is Eastern Europe.

David Blackmon [00:15:14] South South Eastern Europe. Yes.

Rey Trevino [00:15:20] But no, it’s a good one. And I know I’ve seen with that bottle one of those bottles that they gave you there when you were down in Houston and you know the a bottle.

David Blackmon [00:15:30] Fancy bottle, right? Yeah, man, I’m afraid to open it. I it’s an heirloom anyway, anyway, and I stopped by. Bucky’s on the way home this morning.

Rey Trevino [00:15:40] Shout out to Bucky.

David Blackmon [00:15:41] My big Diet Coke to get me home. Yeah, shout out to Bucky. So can you talk about a successful business anyway? Anyway, the wind industry. So we’re talking about wind and its special needs. And so, you know, we have a burgeoning offshore wind industry and the Atlantic coast that the Biden administration is going to thinks is going to do away with all other forms of energy, I guess, in New Jersey.

David Blackmon [00:16:08] And, of course, you know, they did a site survey last fall for the first one, and 24 whales have washed up dead on the Jersey shores since then. And yesterday, the Biden administration thought that was such a great deal that they put out a proposed permit for a second site survey, for a second big offshore wind project in which it estimates this is the NOAH estimates that over almost 5000 marine mammals will suffer, quote, adverse impacts. As a result of the site survey for this second big offshore wind project.

David Blackmon [00:16:52] It’s going to be sighted, by the way, this project and the first one to both will be sited in whale migration corridors off the Atlantic and IT coast. They’re going to be right in the middle of the migration path. Far, far right whales and great whales up and down the Atlantic coast. Just like we have all these wind farms in south Texas that are sited right in the middle of migratory bird corridors. And they kill thousands and thousands of migratory birds.

David Blackmon [00:17:25] Well, now we have the Biden administration permitting. What did I say? Negative. Adverse impacts. Adverse on almost 5000 marine mammals, which includes whales and dolphins and seals and porpoises.

David Blackmon [00:17:43] So this is your green energy in action, folks this is the reality of the wind industry. It not only eats up all this acreage of land and has an enormous carbon footprint with all the concrete and rare earth metals that they use that have to be mined. And I just passed three big 150-foot-long wind blades being transported up by 45 this morning and big 18-wheelers that run on diesel. Huge, huge carbon footprints for a wind farm.

David Blackmon [00:18:17] This is your green energy in action it’s a killer and by the way, those offshore wind farms. You know, whether they’ll ever be hooked up to the grid is an open question. I mean, you have offshore wind farms off the coast of England that have been sitting now for two years waiting to be hooked up into the power grid in England.

David Blackmon [00:18:41] And so it’s it’s it’s energy that we don’t need. It’s not necessary to build these offshore wind farms. There’s no need for them they don’t serve any real purpose in our society. But they’re getting all this federal money to be built and all these marine mammals are going to die. Two to ensure they get built so that’s my rant for the day.

Stuart Turley [00:19:05] No wonder you’re getting drunk all the time.

David Blackmon [00:19:07] Yeah, man, I need another.

Rey Trevino [00:19:09] So that’s that’s depressing if that doesn’t, you know a preacher once used to always tell us, you know, if that’ll electrify Woods, what will they. That’s depressing. And that. That, my Lord, is what you know. I believe in a greener tomorrow. I believe in a better tomorrow. And I do know that life in the water is what sustains the entire world.

Rey Trevino [00:19:34] And I find it mind-boggling that when I go into a new area to drill a well, I have to do an ecological assessment on every damn animal that lives in the area and how this may impact them. For me, clearing out 1 to 5 acres, depending on how deep the well is and my road getting there.

David Blackmon [00:19:59] Oh, you know how big, By the way, the geographic footprint of this wind farm is the only 200 square miles, 2400 square miles, not six acres, 2200 square miles. Anyway, go ahead.

Rey Trevino [00:20:13] And so now they’re going to call it adversity, animal adversity or something like that, David.

David Blackmon [00:20:21] Adverse impact.

Rey Trevino [00:20:22] Yes, adverse impact and win. If I’ve got a prairie chicken, that’ll shut down my one acre plot to drill oil. Well, this is. This is literally watch what I’m doing over here and raising a ruckus while I go over here and ruin the world. This is literally a path to destruction of the world. We ruin our oceans. This will ruin the world and our ecology, our, our environment and everything around it.

Rey Trevino [00:20:58] What happened to the days of Save the Whales? I mean, I think we’re on a four-letter word that says the lack of a better word is buck the whale these days. And, you know, oil and gas do you said it best a while back. You know what? It’s going to be time for oil and gas, the save the whales again and maybe we need to get on board.

Rey Trevino [00:21:17] Look, if they want to have wind farms, I believe that the state of New York would love to turn the entire state of New Jersey into a wind farm. All right. I know Roseanne or Roseanne and Diana would like that. And for all those out there, I remember that great character on Saturday Night Live by Gilda Radner. God, no. She did like New Jersey. And I know a lot of New Yorkers don’t either. So let them put all of New Jersey into a wind farm and let’s save the whales.

David Blackmon [00:21:46] You know, I wonder what Roseanne’s father, Stan, wrote Roseanna danna, would have to say about it.

Stuart Turley [00:21:52] That’s really.

David Blackmon [00:21:54] Something.

Rey Trevino [00:21:55] We.

Stuart Turley [00:21:55] Only got about. We only got about three more minutes but my only thing about the wind farm is the fact that the reason that we are printing money to cause inflation in order to do that is so that we can give more money to China. Since China is responsible for making 80% of the products used in solar and wind.

Stuart Turley [00:22:26] And those kickbacks, I think, are going to politicians around the world. That is a conspiracy theory there is no proof. On the other hand, I think it’s that reason that they are in fact printing money, leaving the wind farms not hooked up.

Stuart Turley [00:22:44] And then it’s like synoptic. Synoptic was the company that Joe Biden owns or owned. I’m not sure if he sold part of it. They are now building a hydrogen pipeline. And I wonder if 10% of that is going to the big guy. Not sure. And Brand is going to be the big guy in order to pay for the wind farms.

Rey Trevino [00:23:11] Stu, I want to say this to all our listeners out there that we give the subsidies in over 90% of the wind blades are made in China, so that money has to go there. So that’s The Crude Truth. The other part we can look at is conspiracy theory.

Rey Trevino [00:23:27] But the point is those subsidies are going to China, those subsidy dollars are going to China, and that’s the future. The other parts we can that work, you know, let’s take out the conspiracy part. But with 90% of wind blades are built in China and a lot of green energy products are made in China, and those subsidies. Absolutely. You’re correct on that. I, I got your back on that, my friend.

Stuart Turley [00:23:55] Because I like you already. Hey, and for all our listeners out there, find us on EnergyNewsBeat.com and follow us like us subscribe. Hit that subscribe button. We thank everyone for making this show and all of our other shows very successful. RT, how did they find you?

Rey Trevino [00:24:18] Oh, yes. So please, please check me out on Twitter. I have a Twitter account called The Truth underscore could also I am on LinkedIn The Crude Truth as well. And check out my website, the crude TrueCar.com, where you can also find some great news.

Rey Trevino [00:24:35] And my great my most up-to-date interviews, my most recent ones have been with the great David Blackmon and his energy transition team and with some great podcasting people, Jeff Greeley and Sarah Carelli, his daughter, who have another good processing group as well. So check them out.

David Blackmon [00:24:56] You can find me at Blackmon dot substack dot com and it links to everything I do. I’m on Twitter. Energy @EnergyAbsurdity is my Twitter handle. And you go to LinkedIn. You can either look me up by name or just put in hashtag energy of Saturday and I’ll come up and it’s a lot of fun.

Stuart Turley [00:25:18] April Next time, make sure that crazy uncle says, When I get three guys walking into a bar, you think of us.

Rey Trevino [00:25:26] I know those guys.





3 podcaster walk into a bar, David Blackmon, RT Trevino, Stu Turley

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