January 20

3 Podcasters Walk Into A Bar – #13 – The 3 amigos are back at it even funnier – David Checks the mail on New Years – Paul on 60 min


RT. – Falls asleep next to the trashcan; David’s Energy Absurdity of the Day goes nuts. He quotes Alex Epstein – Stu – Well they still want to know what he does for a living. [email protected]

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Highlights of the Podcast

00:00 – Intro
03:47 – Talks about Alex Epstein (Oil and Gas)
08:15 – Talks about BlackRock issue
10:30 – Talks about Global/Internal Issues in America
13:33- Talks about war profiteering
21:40- Talks about Oil and Gas Produce in the US
24:10- Talks about Housing Market
26:16- Outro

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Video Transcription edited for grammar. We disavow any errors unless they make us look better or smarter.

Stuart Turley: [00:00:13] Hello, everybody. Today is not only a great day. It’s actually the 2nd of January when record this. I hope everybody had a safe and wonderful New Year’s and Christmas. We’re ready for just an absolutely wonderful 2023. [00:00:28][14.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:00:29] My name’s Stu Turley, president and CEO of the Sandstone Group. And welcome to the three podcasters Walk into a bar. Do you ever had that uncle That just was really stupid and I bet he might have been there at your family reunion when he goes. [00:00:43][13.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:00:44] Three people walk into a bar. That’s what this is, except we talk all things energy. I got two of the greatest guys on the planet. We’ve got Artie Trevino, and Artie is one of the top amp guys I know. He is absolutely an industry leader, and he is the podcast host of The Crude Truth. RT, welcome. [00:01:06][22.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:01:07] Oh, thank you, Sue, and happy New Year to you guys. David And I’m just glad to be back in the office after kind of doing a lot of work during this holiday season, so I can’t complain. [00:01:17][10.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:01:18] Fantastic hour right now coming around the corner. The wonderous David Blackmon Let’s do a drum load just like what Chevy Chase does, you know. Okay. We got David Blackmon. He is got his own substack he is a Forbes contributing author. [00:01:37][19.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:01:38] He is on the Energy Transition weekly update with two fabulous co-hosts, Armando and Irina. And if you can’t, why if you have missed that or you missed out on big stuff, if you missed that. And also the Energy question, both of the Energy question and the current truth are just absolutely doing fabulous and so is mine. By the way, energy is the. But anyway, let’s turn that on over. And David, welcome. [00:02:06][28.0]

David Blackmon: [00:02:07] Hey, thanks for having me, man. This is a great day. We’re supposed to be observing New Year’s Day, I guess, but not yet. In fact, I’m so dumb. I went out and checked for the mail earlier today, so I didn’t even realize that was going on. But here we are. [00:02:21][13.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:02:21] Do not ever let Artie know that he will dog you for being stupid the rest of your life. [00:02:28][6.7]

David Blackmon: [00:02:30] Yeah. Oh, man, I still got the trash, man. Still hasn’t come to my house today. I’m wondering if mine’s going to come or not. [00:02:36][6.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:02:36] I know you don’t want to fall asleep next to the trash can they maybe. [00:02:41][4.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:02:43] No that that is the toilet. Those days, you know, colleges over time, the time to time to move forward. You know, I’ve got a one year old and a beautiful wife, so I can’t be doing that now. [00:02:53][10.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:02:54] And and, David, your absurdity of the day was phenomenal. You want to hit on Ellen first? [00:02:59][5.3]

David Blackmon: [00:03:00] Which one was it today? Oh, my God. Paul Erlich was on 60 Minutes last night. My gosh, I didn’t even I honestly didn’t even know Paul Erlich was still alive. This guy has been putting out false information about overpopulation and climate change since 1968 when he released a book called The Population Bomb, in which he predicted mankind would lose about three quarters of its population by 1980. And instead we’ve gone from about 5 billion people then to 9 billion now and. [00:03:35][35.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:03:37] A few Billion between friends, right. [00:03:38][1.6]

David Blackmon: [00:03:39] You know, I mean, the guy’s just a buffoon. And and here he was on 60 Minutes again last night being interviewed by Scott Pelley, who I’m embarrassed to say is is from Texas. And it just it’s just astonishing to me. Absolutely astonishing. But the best part of that energy absurdity today was that I quoted from a terrific Twitter thread that Alex Epstein put out detailing the history of Paul Erlich’s false predictions about climate and overpopulation. And it was a real tour de force. So thank you, Alex Epstein, for doing that. It’s a real public service. [00:04:19][40.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:20] You know, real quick, I want to give a shout out to Alex and you. You guys had a great podcast, lots of downloads. [00:04:26][5.6]

David Blackmon: [00:04:27] Oh, that was fun. [00:04:27][0.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:28] Yeah, it was a great one. I had a front row seat producing it, but I’ll leave that alone. Artie, I didn’t mean to cut you off. [00:04:33][5.4]

David Blackmon: [00:04:34] No. Yeah. Alex gentlemen has been on another tear here lately. He did this and I was suckered in, and I read it On why he is the champion for the oil and gas industry and of good for him. That we have a champion. He’s a powerful champion. I feel like it’s a WWF type of thing while suddenly discovering one of the anointed gentlemen. [00:04:58][24.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:59] I think a lot of his tagline, I’ve got the pen. In fact, it’s over on the other mic. I love fossil fuels and Artie, I love exactly why he’s different and he’s different. Because he’s humanity first. He doesn’t care if it’s nuclear, just like I’ve copied all of his stuff, just like I copy David, you know, all is I just copy it. But that is so critical. I could care less if its wind, solar, nuclear gas. Turns out fossil fuels, the only one that’s really on target for low cost power in nuclear. [00:05:36][36.4]

David Blackmon: [00:05:37] Yeah. So, yeah, we just need energy that works, that’s reliable, that’s there, that’s affordable, whatever it is. That’s what we need right now. What it is, is natural gas and oil. And until we have viable alternatives to those, we’re stupid for discouraging their production and distribution like the current administration has been doing. [00:05:57][20.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:05:58] Oh, absolutely. No, I enjoyed it. He’s a philosophize. You know, he’s a would say he’s a philosopher now. Hope you guys ever see that Ben Stiller movie. But and that’s good. And we need deep thinkers. I mean, I put I truly mean this that I put David with Daniel Yergin as some of the deepest thinkers that we have in this industry. And I really mean that’s a bit of an overstatement, but thank you. I don’t know, David. [00:06:29][30.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:29] I think what you’ve been doing for the last few years really, you know, we look at it in a and I really hope other operators and more importantly, producers and investors and the oil and gas industry really read your stuff, look at charts, look at data from companies like Combo Curve and can really understand what’s going on to where while oil and gas did so good in 2022. [00:06:57][28.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:58] It’s only going to go up in 2023, but it’s because of all the deep thought and looking and understanding the knowledge that you and Daniel Yergin compile that really helps out this industry. So Alex Epstein is definitely on his way there as well. There’s no. So you bring up a great point, which is that the oil and gas industry did very well in 2022. And if you saw my energy absurdity for Variety, it was about a Reuters story. [00:07:29][30.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:07:30] Which you know indicated implied that the oil and gas business in the United States had had a bad year, the shale business, and that it was preparing for a pretty tough year in 2023. And that’s just abject nonsense. It was the best performing sector in the whole stock market during 2022, and it’s probably going to be again. Yeah, go ahead, Steve. [00:07:53][23.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:07:54] Sorry, I’m sorry. I think the numbers were the dividends or the profit. I have to go look. But it was 60% in the rest of the market was 10% or less. Yeah. So let’s see, as an investor, I want to invest in oil and gas at 60%. And this brings up a great point about the BlackRock issue. And there’s real problems on some of those things coming around the corner for BlackRock. [00:08:18][24.0]

David Blackmon: [00:08:19] Yeah, they used to. [00:08:20][1.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:08:20] Oh yeah, they have hit their hand as being stupid. [00:08:22][2.1]

David Blackmon: [00:08:23] Well yeah. And, and they’re getting punished for it by a bunch of different states now in the United States. And really when you look at polling which has a big impact, I know people discount it, but you know polling is important and polling numbers for ESG and whether people approve of it or not have really collapsed over the last year and a half. [00:08:49][25.4]

David Blackmon: [00:08:49] And that’s a big deal in our society, whether we like it or not. And that’s because of the over excess that companies like BlackRock have engaged in denying capital for oil and gas projects and really attempting to hamper an industry that’s the lifeblood of our economy. World. [00:09:11][22.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:13] Yeah, it’s the lifeblood of the world. You’re absolutely right. And the U.S. economy and the global economy and yes, no 2022 is great, but I know that we did very well and we’re going to be aggressive this year. We’re going to be the most aggressive we’ve ever been at people’s country operating. We have a goal this year of drilling two wells this year. That is our goal. That’ll be the most that we’ve ever drilled in one year as a small family company so that’s almost at least averaging well, every six weeks. [00:09:41][28.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:42] And we really want to double down on $100 oil. I do really believe that based on what’s going on around the world with China, with Ukraine, with the amount of oil that we’ve continued to withdraw out of our strategic reserve, that we will not only get to $100 oil, but David, to do I think David and Stu/Dew, there it is. That’s all that his Hollywood name, may write his new name is Dude. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [00:10:12][29.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:10:13] I know. My middle name is PID. So my middle name and my parents were really mean. [00:10:19][5.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:10:20] But no, I do think not only are we going to hit $100 oil, I think we’re going to average $100 oil in 2023 because for the reasons that I stated, the global issues, the internal issues going on here in America, and I really think that’s what we’re going to be. So Paco’s we’re really I don’t want to say we’re doubling down this year, but we’re definitely looking like we’re doubling down. You know, I think the most wells we’ve ever drilled in a year was, well actually, I do know nothing the most we’ve ever drove the year six. [00:10:52][32.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:10:53] And so we’re looking forward to really kind of coming on in 2023 and preparing because at some point guys oil will go back down. There’s no answers the bucks about it. And my I mean, $40. But, you know, I think Daniel Yergin and I love it, he said the other day, I think also that we’ll hit $100 oil, but then it goes, well, we could see 72 to 70 as well. And I’m like, Yeah, I know. But so I like how you kind of covered its bases there. And so I guess. [00:11:21][28.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:11:21] We could see we could see both in the same year. We saw both this past year. So there’s no reason why, why we can’t in 2023, do you know. But the average could be 100 for sure. [00:11:32][10.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:11:33] Yeah. And, and I wanted to also go with, you know, with what’s going on in Europe right now. That is also something you know David, your article a Forbes.com talk pointed out point to talked about that excuse me. And it was one of your eight predictions, I think for 2023 if I’m correct. [00:11:54][20.8]

David Blackmon: [00:11:54] Yeah. Yeah. That the energy crisis in Europe will become an energy calamity in Europe. And I mean, I think that’s pretty much inevitable because the policymakers don’t have a clue what to do about any of it. And everything they’re doing is only going to make the situation for 2023 worse with price caps and all this stuff and sanctions and everything. And as long as the Russia’s war on Ukraine continues there is little hope for anything to improve in Europe and a lot of momentum for things to to become a lot worse during 2023, especially when it comes to natural gas supply. [00:12:36][41.5]

David Blackmon: [00:12:38] Just the dirty little secret about the Biden administration is that even though they promised Europe that the United States would supply a lot of their natural gas needs with LNG, the Biden administration is continuing to refuse to permit pipelines and slow pipe permits for building new LNG infrastructure these big projects that companies have on the books to build new LNG export terminals keep getting delayed more and more as time goes on by the FERC and other Biden agencies. [00:13:10][32.0]

David Blackmon: [00:13:10] And you know that’s all very cynical game that the administration is playing with Europe in, and it just is basically ensuring that Europe situation is only going to get worse this year. Yep, it is. You know, I want to kind of jump off the energy. I got to go to something here real quick. [00:13:29][18.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:13:30] In the bathroom. [00:13:30][0.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:13:32] No, no. You’ll be right back. 2 minutes. Well, I want to talk about war profiteering. And an idea came to my mind the other day that there’s always somebody that gets rich during war. And the last administration, our president was already on paper, a very wealthy man. And I find it interesting that we get a new administration. This man was only worth comparatively chump change compared to our paper, but he was still somehow worth millions and he’s been in a public service job for 50 years. [00:14:08][36.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:14:10] And yet now all of a sudden, we’re at war. The last president didn’t put us at war with anybody. I was already a multi-billionaire on paper. And I just find that very fascinating that right now we’ve got a lot of money. $100 billion has gone to Ukraine. A lot of that money went back to FCX, which is turning into a sham. And so it’s very interesting. I just wanted to bring that up. Today is a random I think maybe for our listeners. [00:14:40][30.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:14:40] At any random day that that impacts energy directly. Does the fact that there’s a couple there’s about four things that just happened on all of this are two. You brought up a bad point. I didn’t mean to compliment you, but too bad. That was a fabulous point. And that is the FTC’s debacle. Every for every dollar they got, they got an X number percent coming back to the big guy through this range. And there is now a trail back in there. It won’t come out because of the news and everything else. I want an audit trail for every dollar that went up there. [00:15:20][39.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:15:20] Here’s a key thing that just came out over the weekend, and that was Wolanski is now asking not only to be admitted into Nate Nadeau. We all know that’s what he wants. But the World Association, the World Economic Forum, he’s applying to go right that in the U.N. or the most to corrupt organizations in the world with one demise and that is global tyranny. And now he is asking to go in there and they’re funneling all the money back in to all of the Republican rhinos that voted for a lot of the spending bills got money from FDX. Let’s follow the money, R.T. And I mean, you are dead on, right? That little Wheel of Fortune money is a cash machine for those knuckleheads. [00:16:15][54.7]

David Blackmon: [00:16:17] For everyone who doesn’t understand why that $111 billion number that the United States has set to Ukraine is so outrageous. You need to understand that the entire defense budget for Russia is $65 billion in 2022 so we’ve sent Ukraine 40% more than the entire Russian military budget in less than a year to supposedly support their fighting a war against Russia. Where is all that money going? [00:16:55][38.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:16:56] Guess what? [00:16:56][0.3]

David Blackmon: [00:16:57] It has to be going a lot of it has to be going somewhere else. And it because it’s sure not all going into this war effort. [00:17:05][8.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:17:05] The main cabinet members all now have vacation homes in Switzerland that came out. [00:17:11][5.4]

David Blackmon: [00:17:13] Well hell, I’d love to have a vacation home in Switzerland myself. [00:17:16][2.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:17:16] Well you know that’s where Nancy Pelosi’s going to go hang out. [00:17:19][2.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:17:20] And I thought she’s going to go to Italy. Now she’s going to Italy. [00:17:23][2.9]

Stuart Turley: [00:17:24] She’s got enough money to go to both. [00:17:25][1.3]

David Blackmon: [00:17:27] Well, I think her husband likes Italy more for personal reasons. Yeah. She wants to become the American ambassador to the Vatican. [00:17:34][6.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:17:36] No, she does not. David just. [00:17:37][1.3]

David Blackmon: [00:17:37] Absolutely does. In fact, she thought that that Biden was going to give her that job when he came in. And, you know, I mean, what he’s like for position that be. [00:17:49][11.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:17:50] I heard there’s a different kind of hammer out there in the in the Roman Coliseum. You know, it’s a whole specialized hammer. But you know we’ll leave that alone so to speak. But, you know, that kind of gets a little dirty when you sit back and kind of look at all this guy’s corruption is despicable. The fact that the middle class is going to go away, the rich are going to get richer and the poor get poorer. [00:18:21][30.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:18:22] Buckle up guys and we’d better take care of our family, our friends and our country. And we’re going to be called to stand on every stand up for all of it. I want to stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. Period. I am not a happy camper when our politicians are not standing up for our U.S. citizens. Why did we send all that billions to Ukraine? And we have the worst cities in the world. I believe Chicago had 780 deaths, murders, gunshots this past year. [00:19:00][37.8]

David Blackmon: [00:19:01] Yeah, And I think that was actually slightly down from what they had in 2021. I mean, it’scompletely out of control in Chicago. And every week it’s just a bloodbath up there. [00:19:13][12.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:19:14] I don’t get it. Anyway, people don’t deserve it in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. Now,what’s going to happen with energy? I was wrong this past year I’ll be the. I thought we were going to be at 120. I totally just shot myself in the foot and the splatter map, Michael. [00:19:34][20.1]

David Blackmon: [00:19:35] Well, it’s hard. You know, it’s hard to predict where the oil price is going to go. There’s too many variables. And, you know, we’re all sitting here and I agree thinking, you know, it’s going to hit 100 next year at some point. It could even average that across the year. But you know, if we end up having a major recession globally, we’re certainly going to have a recession in Europe. [00:19:57][21.7]

David Blackmon: [00:19:58] And if we end up if that ends up becoming a global economic downturn, you know, oil prices could drop down into the fifties and sixties, too. I mean, there’s all kinds of different scenarios and it’s just impossible. You know, if anyone really knew where the oil price was going to be. At any given time, we’d all that those of us who knew that would be fabulously wealthy and wouldn’t be recording podcasts. So. Here we are. [00:20:25][27.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:20:26] I’m addicted to being a podcast host. Who would have ever guessed that I graduated from Oklahoma State? [00:20:31][5.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:20:33] And now my podcast. I’m headed that way. I think, you know, inadvertently. You know, David, you’ve got the great Energy question, you’ve got the Energy transition and three podcast is walk into a bar. Stu You’ve got the Energy News, the podcast, you’ve got the interviews, The Daily Standard, which is becoming addicting. Like I said, I’ve been doing so much work up in the Wichita Falls area the last few weeks. I think I’ve been texting both before like six, 7:00 at night while I’m driving back going, Hey, what about this? Because that’s that’s just what I’ve been doing. Well, you always want to say you guys are just you know, you all are. Yes, you are. Both Dick and I think we all you all are both addicted to the podcast. But people listen. Why? [00:21:16][43.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:21:16] Because you all have knowledge. And speaking of knowledge, do you know I don’t want to you know, with what you and your team over there are New York financial advisors by any means. Right? But you guys have been looking at different oil and gas investments at your company over there. Is that correct? And and what y’all are seeing, right? [00:21:34][18.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:21:35] Oh Absolutely. [00:21:35][0.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:21:35] I don’t know have customers or clients or people come in or something. That right? [00:21:39][3.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:21:40] That is correct, Artie, That was a very cool question because we have fun investors come to us in a couple different ways, just asking about market information and it’s about alternative investments, Artie. People are looking going, Holy cow, Batman. As David would say just a second ago, where is this recession going? And they’re trying to hide their money. [00:22:03][23.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:22:04] And just like BlackRock is losing all these investors, there is an ESG movement that people are wanting to jump in to fund that are actually are making money. And I’m going to put this to you, R.T. and everybody else. I’ll stand up with any of our great oil, American, American oil and gas companies, American companies, because we produce cleaner oil and gas and natural gas cleaner than any other country in the world. [00:22:35][31.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:22:36] And I’ll stand up to it. I’d rather, by U.S. natural gas, roam the United States and get in return, because that keeps jobs in the U.S. It saves the economy, it saves the ecological stuff. It is ESG. And if anybody wants to listen to this and go hogwash, I’ll invite anybody with numbers to come on my podcast. And I know you guys will do the same thing. We want to have a discussion about any of what you just said. Investors want to return they want ESG. And the best place to do it is for investing in not only the big oil, but actually the privately held oil and gas companies because they are the backbone 50% of our and gas comes from privately held. [00:23:30][53.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:23:31] Absolutely it does. We’re proud of that. You know, that’s one thing my father has always said. You know, when I first met David, know, I told senator said, no, we’re going to continue to produce oil until we can’t because it is our American duty to do that. And I know I remember him sit down at lunch with Dave when I first had a great opportunity to meet him, and I told him that as well. [00:23:49][18.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:23:50] And I just. But anyway, yeah, no, we have to continue to produce and continue to try to help out the American economy the best way we can. And that for us is what we can do because we are headed towards, as David said, some sort of a recession. Right. You know, the housing market, I know in my neighborhood we’ve got houses that haven’t sold. You know, they’re still on the market. And things were so, you. [00:24:15][25.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:24:16] Know, it’s great. Aren’t you in that trailer house right outside of Fort Worth? [00:24:19][3.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:24:19] It’s it’s actually the one that’s right past Fort Worth right there. You know, if you go down 35 and then you see a couple of cardboard boxes and that’s where it’s at right past. [00:24:31][11.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:24:34] Now, I’m sure you live in a mansion. [00:24:35][1.1]

David Blackmon: [00:24:37] Yeah, the housing market where I am was so hot the first three months of last year. I mean, it was just incredible. And houses would sell almost really before they were listed. And yeah, now in my daughter’s neighborhood where, you know, houses have been turning over in just a matter of days, there’s one house that’s been on the market now for over two months, which is almost unheard of, So it’s really slowed down quite a bit over here in Mansfield. [00:25:05][28.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:06] It really has. And I have a good friend that’s in a realtor in the real estate industry, and he sold his house last year. Actually, I think about that same time for the first three months of the year. And he analyze, he made sure and he came up with the right number and gone thinking this maybe not, this may be too much. And I think it’s sold within the first 3 hours it was on the market. [00:25:28][21.8]

David Blackmon: [00:25:29] Yeah. [00:25:29][0.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:29] And we were having a dinner with them and he goes, you know, I’m in this industry and I love it and I think I know a lot, but I may have not enough for my house. [00:25:37][8.5]

David Blackmon: [00:25:39] I think that’s what everybody found out in the first half of last year. They didn’t ask enough. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know when your your house sells as soon as it’s listed you probably didn’t ask enough for it. [00:25:51][12.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:25:51] Yeah. Yeah, we were talking about that. I bought mine up here for 25 years ago. I ain’t so. [00:25:57][5.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:58] Yeah. No. Yeah. And up there in the, you know, in your lower basement of the place in the middle of America, that’s an undisclosed location. I think you’re going to do okay. Now. [00:26:08][10.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:26:10] It’s zombies don’t come around here. They. We can reach out and touch them a long way away, but. Okay, we’re about out of time, guys. Oh, and Artie, we’re going to come up to you first, and we want your last thought. And at the end of it we want everybody to tell us everybody where they can get a hold of you. [00:26:28][18.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:26:29] Okay. First of all, I just again, everybody, let’s keep the conversation open. As you heard, David was even watching 60 Minutes the other night. It’s like we need to listen to both sides and we need it was an act, have discussions and with discussions we’re going to do better in America. We cannot be on direct opposite and not talk to anybody. [00:26:50][21.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:26:52] So if anybody wants to get a hold of me, they can get a hold of me at LinkedIn. What is Rey Trevino at a Pecos Country operating or a PC operating.com or my great website thecrudetruth.Com and you can get ahold of me there please if you ever have any questions or if you want to be on any of our shows, please please reach out to us. We’re looking forward to a great year of having some great guests on all our platforms. So David Stewart very excited about that. [00:27:21][29.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:27:22] And before we go to David’s last word here, I got to give a shout out, Artie, to you. You actually had someone from Russia reach out to you off of your website because they found you because of SEO off of your website. How awesome is that? You get Russian folks asking for your opinion. Dude Rock on. You’re a rock star. [00:27:44][22.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:27:45] So any good or bad, you know what, Vince? Or what that person’s relation to? Putin? Yes. Yeah. [00:27:53][8.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:27:55] Yeah, Putin watches my show, but. [00:27:55][0.0]



David Blackmon, RT Trevino, Stu Turley

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