January 22

3 Podcasters Walk Into A Bar – #15 – The guys keep getting into trouble. – We talk gas bags in Pakistan, food crisis, the new refinery, and R.T. is greatful for his mom.


Two of the discussion points were from David’s Substack. Subscribe HERE.


Highlights of the Podcast

00:00 – Intro
04:23 – Talks about Ethanol takes twice as much energy
11:56 – Talks about Exxon Mobil
17:11 – Talks about Pakistan (natural gas pipelines and filling these huge plastic bags with natural gas)
21:11 – Talks about banning gas stove
24:33 – Talks about cooking with gas or propane
29:36 – Outro

Show Notes:


With 3 unique personalities, backgrounds, and one horrible team sense of humor, it makes for fun talks around the energy markets.

David Blackmon is a Forbes author and currently writes Energy Absurdities of the Day. He has several active podcasts with ….. His industry leadership is evident, but a dry, calm way of expressing himself adds a different twist.

R.T. Trevillon is the podcast host of The Crude Truth filmed in Fort Worth Texas and runs an oil and gas E&P company. Pecos Country Operating has been in business for ….years and has a constant commitment to all of their stakeholders and is actively working in this oil and gas market.

Stu Turley is the co-podcast host of the Energy News Beat podcast. While Stu is a legend in his own mind,

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Video Transcription edited for grammar. We disavow any errors unless they make us look better or smarter.

Stuart Turley: [00:00:13] Hello, everybody. Today is just a fabulous day. My name’s Stuart Turley, president, CEO of the Sandstone Group, and this is one of my favorite podcast groups that I get to deal with. Tim, have that uncle at Christmas or a family holiday that always started the joke with these three people walked into a bar and everybody dives for the carpet. [00:00:35][22.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:00:36] They know that a really, really bad joke is about to happen. Well, you got three guys. My podcast is the Energy News Beat, and it’s quite doing quite well because of Michael and my guest. But first, around the corner we have David Blackmon is an Forbes contributing author. He has two podcasts called The Energy Transition. Got a fabulous group of co-hosts for that. And he’s also the Energy question. And I mean, it’s fun. We get to produce that podcast for sandstone media. And I got a front seat on some of these. So welcome, David, and I appreciate you. [00:01:22][45.4]

David Blackmon: [00:01:22] Hey, man, I’m really looking forward to this. This is the third podcast I’ve recorded today, so I’ve been talking a lot. I hope I don’t lose my voice. [00:01:33][10.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:01:34] Well, you look like crap. So I guess you’re retired. All right. Hey, Artie, we’ve got Ray Trevino, and Ray is the podcast host for the Crude Truths. He is absolutely knocking it out of the park. He’s one of the newest podcast members in the energy space, and he’s actually done really, really well. He is the head muckety muck over there at Pecos Operating Exploration and Production Oil Company. And we rely on him on giving us the dirt and the field, so to speak. Welcome, Artie, and thank you so much. [00:02:14][39.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:02:15] Oh, thank you guys for having me on again this week. It’s always fun to walk into the virtual bar with you gentlemen. And David, this is your third episode for the day that we have warmed up. You arrived and you’re not going to you’re not going to skip a beat or miss out on. [00:02:30][15.4]

David Blackmon: [00:02:31] Material, man. [00:02:31][0.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:02:32] So. So, I mean, I got to stay on my toes this morning. I tell you what, watch out now. It is Monday morning here in the great state of Texas as we record this episode today. And you know, for all our listeners out there, you know, to give it David, a hard time, you know, I don’t know who those were, Stu or Dave. So, you know, the beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. As my mother said, she always said that I’m the most handsome young man she knows. [00:03:00][28.2]

David Blackmon: [00:03:01] So blessed moms. [00:03:04][2.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:03:05] Yes. Yes. God bless moms is right. [00:03:07][1.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:03:07] You bet. Hey, today we’ve got an action packed show in in your substack. David, I was reading about the gas bags in Pakistan and the horrific story. That is crazy. And you also have another story that we need to cover. What was that one that we’re also going to cover? [00:03:28][20.6]

David Blackmon: [00:03:29] Oh, the new report from the International Energy Agency. Holy cow. It’s just unbelievable. [00:03:34][5.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:03:35] And then you have one on the new new refinery. I believe it was Exxon that’s putting in the big bucks. [00:03:45][9.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:03:46] Yes. Yeah. They’re putting in a few dollars, you know, as you like to say, Stu, on your podcast, let’s a couple billion amongst friends. [00:03:53][7.1]

Stuart Turley: [00:03:54] You know, you’re only my two fans listening. Anyway, with that, the only I only have one small one and I’d like to get rid of ethanol, but you know all of mine. [00:04:03][9.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:04:04] What are your those those voters in Iowa? Are very important. So do not get rid of the ethanol. [00:04:12][8.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:13] But let’s talk about that. Let’s go ahead and kick mine off and then I’ll shut up and drill in the corner, because you guys are the ones that know something. Ethanol takes twice as much energy to make. We are in a worldwide food crisis. Why are we doing something that gives you less gas mileage? It creates it adds almost a dollar in gasoline. And then when you put biodiesel, when you don’t do it correctly, and I can talk about that later. And so we’re spending more energy. [00:04:50][36.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:04:51] It’s worse for the environment. It destroys cars, and we’re going to need that food. We just had a the USDA revealed US corn harvest and are critically low due to the megadrought. We need this corn to go around the world. And anybody listening to my podcast, I’m trying to use my hands to talk like a you know, I’ve been on our team around. You got to make sure that you don’t stand anywhere near him because when he’s really upset and directing traffic anyway, that’s my opinion. What do you guys think? [00:05:29][37.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:05:30] Well, if I may jump in first, you know, the first thing that comes to my mind is a story, actually. Two things of that. One is that we are so surprise, I’m 100% Hispanic. I could argue I’m actually a second generation of my my grandfather is from Mexico and that we went on a trip there years ago to visit his family. And they asked my father, is it true that we feed the corn to the cows? And my father goes, Absolutely You know, helps do this and it helps this and gives him a better taste or, you know, something like that. And they just the mouth dropped of like that is food. Why are you wasting food on food? [00:06:18][47.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:20] So that’s the first thing that comes to mind. And then the other is, if I’m correct, I think we use 10% more energy to create a gallon of gasoline with ethanol than we would without using ethanol. So I just find that hard to believe that we’re using more energy than we need to be doing to create a gallon of gasoline. So those are the two things that really stick out in my mind. [00:06:49][28.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:06:49] Yeah. No, we don’t need to be wasting this ethanol any more. End up, as I said a second ago. I think it has to do with the fact that, you know, I will shout out to the great, great farmers and individuals in Iowa. But, you know, right now is the time that we need to be saving that. You know, I think it was in the Bible that we you know, we had seven years where David told the King or something like that that we need to save everything we got. And then I’m not saying we’re at that point by any means. However, when it takes more energy to make energy using corn, I don’t think that’s very productive on a daily basis. [00:07:24][35.3]

David Blackmon: [00:07:26] Oh, no, it’s obviously not. It’s I you know, I’ve actually written stories about it when I in which I referred to corn based ethanol as a human atrocity for these very. [00:07:37][11.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:07:38] Reasons that you’re talking about. [00:07:39][1.3]

David Blackmon: [00:07:40] You know, we we can’t we feed the world, right? The United States exports millions of tons of food every year. And and we’re taking a lot of those tons, millions of tons or thousands of tons out of the food chain to make fuel with it that we don’t need. It’s not needed. Ethanol is is fine if you need it. In Brazil. They use a lot of it, too, to provide energy in certain parts of the country where they don’t have infrastructure to transport gasoline and oil. [00:08:19][38.6]

David Blackmon: [00:08:20] And so it makes some sense there. Also in Brazil, they make it from sugarcane and corn and sugar. You know, the problem with making it from corn is it’s literally the worst grain you can use the least efficient to make ethanol with because of the the encasing of the kernel of corn that humans can’t be just and is is worthless for the making of ethanol. And so it’s all because of the Archer-daniels-midland lobby, the corporate farming lobby. [00:08:53][32.8]

Stuart Turley: [00:08:53] Right. [00:08:53][0.0]

David Blackmon: [00:08:54] That has perpetuated this. It was a horrible policy decision made by the administration of George W Bush, unfortunately, and a Republican Congress. Establish this mandate and the Democrats have gone along with it and perpetuated it. And it’s a policy that needs to go away. It doesn’t provide any benefit to our society. [00:09:19][25.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:09:22] All right. All those in favor? [00:09:24][1.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:25] I think the. [00:09:26][1.2]

David Blackmon: [00:09:26] Animus. [00:09:26][0.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:27] We like, we should be like Chris Farley when he pretended like he was Newt Gingrich many years ago. With that, go pass. You’re the one on the hammer. I don’t know if anybody out there remembers. Chris Farley. [00:09:39][12.0]

David Blackmon: [00:09:39] You got. [00:09:40][0.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:09:41] One of the best on Saturday Night Live. I think the early nineties was second only to the original cast just because it was the original cast. So. [00:09:49][8.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:09:50] Well, I’m sorry. When Chris Farley did the one skit that I always loved when I was working with my kids when they were growing up, and that is if. Careful guys. If you don’t listen to what I do, I’m going to hire a motivational speaker. And when he does and then Chris comes in there and says, Start doing that, he’s back. I’m, you know, waving. [00:10:15][25.3]

David Blackmon: [00:10:15] My money in a van down by the. [00:10:17][1.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:10:17] River. He goes, I live in a van down by the river. [00:10:21][3.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:10:23] Well, that’s a classic. That is that is absolutely a classic give up. All right. It was a good that was good. But no, we need to get some passing going on here in this Republican House. You know, I was happy to see speaking of the kind of things getting passed by the House of Representatives with Democrats support was not to sell our oil from the seizure of petroleum reserves to China. And that passed. Let’s see if it passes through the Senate. I thought that was pretty interesting. [00:10:56][32.9]

David Blackmon: [00:10:56] It was. Yeah. They won’t even be brought up in the Senate. [00:10:59][2.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:11:00] Now, unfortunately. But besides, the big guy needs 10% since. [00:11:03][3.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:11:06] Last. [00:11:06][0.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:11:08] Night. I’m going to leave that one alone. Well, that’ll get us. [00:11:10][2.7]

David Blackmon: [00:11:11] Thinking of those classified documents. Deal with that subject. I don’t know. [00:11:14][3.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:11:15] That there is, but I think the U.N. will ban Irina and I again, because they they banned this one time. And that’s a badge of honor. Art, since you’re already interrupting the conversation and everything, why don’t you go ahead with your story and then we’ll go on to David after that? [00:11:33][17.7]

Rey Trevino: [00:11:33] Yeah. No, this was actually this morning I was reading on another substack called The Thoughts about Energy and Economics by a gentleman named Ed Ireland. David, I think you might know who he is and is. [00:11:46][12.8]

David Blackmon: [00:11:46] A great guy. [00:11:47][0.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:11:47] Yeah. Head of the former TCU Ralph Low Energy Institute there. And they were talking about basically that Exxon Mobil they’re just days away from adding over another 250,000 barrels of oil to the refinery there in Beaumont. That’ll be the second largest U.S. refinery here in America, second only to the. There’s another one here in Texas that I don’t remember the name of. [00:12:18][31.1]

David Blackmon: [00:12:20] The Motiva refinery. It’s owned by Saudi Arabia now. [00:12:23][3.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:12:24] Yeah. Yeah. Owned by Saudi Arabia. And hey, they’re bringing their oil to their refinery. I mean, that business 101, I guess. Right. Kind of cut out the middleman. Yeah. But anyway, no, I think this is the reason I want to talk about that story is because this really highlights something that we really need to continue to do as an operator, which is be bold and say when something great is happening. This has been very quiet. \. [00:12:57][33.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:12:57] They have invested $2 billion in both in the state of Texas, in Beaumont, keeping, you know, investment dollars in America, more importantly. And that this is ready to go on line. So they’ve been working on this now for a good, good while and that this is going to add somewhere around, I think, a total capacity refining of 600, almost 76 over 600,000 barrels of oil a day. So we can get that gasoline out and get that diesel out at a faster pace and hopefully, truly somewhere down the line gentlemen, lower the cost of our gasoline and our diesel. But, you know, I don’t think it’s going to make that big of a difference. And let’s keep in mind that they’re not building a new refinery they’ve just added on to a refinery that they had. [00:13:52][54.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:13:53] There is no way that this administration will ever approve a new refinery refineries in America, which is really probably what we would need to really see a reduction in price. Just adding, you know, what is it more supply to the demand. So anyway, I just thought that was a pretty good one. But we need to be telling people, hey, you know, as an industry, hey, here’s what we’re doing. We pump money into the economy. We’re also helping the economy. We’re helping the American people. And that’s what ExxonMobil really needs to be out doing right now, is saying that I would, if I had a critique for that, would be back to get your PR people and get out there and promote maybe promote, you know. [00:14:34][40.8]

David Blackmon: [00:14:35] Yeah, I love ExxonMobil, but they tend to be very tight lipped about these things. I have all kinds of relationships at that company. And when Reuters ran their story Friday about this, I began making calls and tried to get somebody to give me a comment, you know, that I could use in a story, you know, and couldn’t get anything out of them. A lot of what it did get, though, from from a fellow who I think knows what he’s talking about is word that they they finished the construction phase of this probably late November or early December. [00:15:16][40.7]

David Blackmon: [00:15:17] And the start up process saw a huge expansion. We got to realize 250,000 barrels of oil per day expansion is bigger than most refining operations in the United States. Okay. So while it’s not a new refinery, it is certainly the equivalent of one. And going through the start up checks and all the safety checks and system integrity checks that you have to ensure that everything’s in working order, there’s no leaks you know, it’s all going to work when you bring it on line. Can take weeks, even months to complete. [00:15:54][36.4]

David Blackmon: [00:15:55] But this person I talked to indicated that they’re really in the final phase of it and probably are going to be starting it up within the coming couple of weeks. So that’s a big deal. And, you know, I mean, you’re right. It’s not going to make a huge difference in the national refining picture, but it’s it’s a new refinery, basically. And that’s, you know, that’s significant. And it certainly will alleviate some of the the very tight situation we had with refining capacity last year. [00:16:30][34.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:16:30] Yeah. [00:16:30][0.0]

Stuart Turley: [00:16:32] All right. Nice. Nicely done, Artie, You brought up a great point. You didn’t even steal it. All right. All right, Mr. Blackman, coming around the corner. I love your substack, by the way. The energy absurdity of the day you are hurt. And that’s going to be in the show notes for this show I love. I get up every day and I wait by my P.C. to get your energy inserted into the day so I can speak with. [00:17:03][30.6]

David Blackmon: [00:17:05] Well, my absurdity for this particular day has to do with the situation in Pakistan. Yeah. The gas bags. I is this is the are you really a sad story? You know, it’s Congress it’s a sad story, but it’s also something to to chuckle about a little bit because you have people in Pakistan now that are so desperate to have fuel to cut food with that they are very dangerously tapping in to natural gas pipelines and filling these huge plastic bags with natural gas and taking these bags home to used to cook with. [00:17:53][48.5]

David Blackmon: [00:17:54] And, you know, it’s been caused by Europe’s voracious appetite for LNG exports that used to go to countries, Asian countries like Pakistan. It’s now mostly going to Europe. And so it’s created this huge shortage of natural gas supply in Pakistan and Sri Lanka and other Asian countriesAnd so it’s a you know, it’s almost funny in one respect, but it’s really a sad story of the very severe human impacts the shortages of energy supply have in countries like that. [00:18:32][38.5]

David Blackmon: [00:18:32] And, you know, it’s really a desperate situation in Pakistan another story a couple of months ago that came out of there is they’re having daily blackouts, daily rolling blackouts that lasts 10 to 16 hours a day in that country. So we think we have it bad with an occasional two or three hour rolling blackout here in the United States. Just be glad you don’t live over there. [00:18:58][25.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:18:59] Yeah, you know, I’m going to go off here. I think people like AOC and that that group that, you know, they got shut down real quick about the natural gas stoves shutting down. That all happened between today and last Monday, Right. When it came out and didn’t like to talk about this last week. [00:19:20][20.9]

David Blackmon: [00:19:20] But right now we didn’t know hadn’t broken yet by then. [00:19:23][3.1]

Rey Trevino: [00:19:24] Right. Okay. I was just making sure and but you know, again, I’ll go back to my story about being in Mexico and it’s like, let AOC let Chuck Schumer let Gavin Newsom go to other countries that aren’t Fiji or the Greek islands. They can go to Nepal, let them go to Pakistan in the Philippines, let them just go to Mexico and see what the lack of energy does to a country. [00:19:52][28.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:19:53] And that is something I think that really needs to be brought up,that’s what these people want to do here in America is make us go back to the 1800s that each of the 1900, they wanted to go back over 800 years to cart and horse and buggy because of what they think is a bad thing when we’ve talked about it, you know, nausea, that natural gas helps. [00:20:19][25.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:20:20] It’s helping these people cook their food. It’s helping these people warm their water if their water is bad so that they can then, you know, boil the water so that they can drink their water. So just a darn shame what these people are doing over there. And you’re absolutely right, David, that even though it is an absurdity and yet but it’s it’s dangerous and it’s sad that it’s like these people need help and that they are risking their lives to cook, basically to eat right now. And this is 2023, for goodness sakes. We should not have that problem. Look. So that’s all for you. [00:21:00][40.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:21:01] Are you? It’s all I got to say. David, are you awake? After our tea espoused? [00:21:04][3.6]

David Blackmon: [00:21:05] I am. No, he’s right. I agree with everything. I was just going to let you chime in the bringing up the gas stove subject. You know, we should have talked about that today, too. I mean, it’s just crazy. You have an administration that’s actually talking about banning gas stoves due to a supposed link to to childhood asthma that does not exist. No one has even alleged, frankly, that it exists. [00:21:34][28.7]

David Blackmon: [00:21:35] The study that the bureaucrats are talking about, the RMI, the group that paid for the study, issued a statement over the weekend acknowledging that their study doesn’t even try to make that link. It’s just it’s insane. It’s absolute insanity. And at some point it’s got to stop because it’s really creating really severe negative impacts in our society. [00:22:02][27.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:22:03] And that’s what it’s doing. It’s creating negative impacts. We, you know, we got to figure this out, people. And we got to know that, hey, oil and gas is not going anywhere. That when you look at it statistically, oil and natural gas, first of all, natural gas. Let’s just talk about that, how clean it burns, okay. How it helps us out on a daily basis in providing gas, the heat on to cook on the stoves. And that means that you’re not cutting down trees, we’re not burning dung, feces or any type of for war. Okay. We’re not cutting down trees for warmth. We’re not cutting down trees to cook on. We’re not cutting down trees to your own hands. [00:22:49][45.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:22:49] Yeah. I mean, it’s like there’s so many things that it does, but let’s sit down and talk about ways to work on things for the future if you want. But just to come out and stay clean while we need to ban this. You know, I think it goes back to I feel like, you know, I’m not a young person anymore. I just thought of a 2001 Jeep Cherokee and a 4×4 one of the old square ones. Right. And I’m all excited about it and have thought about it like I had this car when I was in high school. And that was 20 years ago. [00:23:23][34.1]

David Blackmon: [00:23:24] Yeah. [00:23:24][0.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:23:25] And so I got great plans. I want to put big tires on it. You know, it’ll be great to take to a bar next time we actually meet at a bar and but no, but it just shows that whatever the days of doing your research, citing your sources and really giving the background are the the why. When you make your statement, you know, I at least try to do that when I talks like, hey, here’s my point and this is why my point and we’ve lost that. It is do what I say with people that have no. Authority and people that have no knowledge in an industry that are telling others what to do. And that really blows my mind. It just blows my mind and it really gets my goat as an as an old man would say. Somebody like Sue Turley would probably say, so, you know, what. [00:24:18][53.3]

David Blackmon: [00:24:19] Are your my age really have a go to it. What do you think? Do you go for gas? [00:24:27][8.4]

Stuart Turley: [00:24:29] Do I have gas? [00:24:29][0.5]

David Blackmon: [00:24:30] Do you cooking gas. [00:24:31][0.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:24:31] And cooking gas? [00:24:32][0.7]

Stuart Turley: [00:24:33] Yeah. My. My gas in here is wonderful. I actually love me some propane, too. When I’m up in my place up in Oklahoma. That is zombie apocalypse. Apocalypse proof. But here in in Texas, my gas stove identifies as a microwave. So when they come in to steal it, it’s feeling the need to be in microwave. [00:24:54][21.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:24:55] You know, go on. Like we’ve got. [00:24:58][2.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:24:58] Propane at our house too. I we’re in the middle of the Barnett Shale, but there’s no pipeline in our neighborhood, so we have to use propane. And propane is great. But folks, it it is not as efficient as natural gas. So if you have a choice, you really want your stove to be on natural gas and not propane. [00:25:20][21.2]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:20] Well, I’m glad you said that because I’ve always thought about something like that, that if I ever create my own Apocalypse Now placed in the building next door to Stu, I always thought about propane. Well, yeah. [00:25:32][11.3]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:32] You probably won’t have a choice, but, yeah, it’s fine. You know, I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just not Why. [00:25:37][4.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:25:37] But given the option of natural gas, because I’ve got it electric, so. And one of our rental properties in San Antonio that we stay at got gas and you can tell the difference. I feel like sometimes you can cook a little bit better with gas, you know, and on a stove and then up then, of course, now when it comes to, you know, barbecue grill, Hey, hey, nothing better than charcoal, okay, But a propane gas, it’s just a lot easier, you know, if you’re cooking a lot quicker than with the charcoal. [00:26:07][30.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:26:08] You know, our T for somebody that’s 100% Hispanic, you sure talk like Texarkana. So, you know. [00:26:16][8.0]

Rey Trevino: [00:26:17] Oh, well. [00:26:17][0.3]

Stuart Turley: [00:26:17] It’s purely out of respect. [00:26:19][1.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:26:20] I tell you what, that’s that’s you know, I love being a Texan and God bless Texas. I won’t say this in a totally off point, but I don’t agree with Eva Longoria at all. But one thing she did say that I agreed was was at the border, that we didn’t cross the border. The border crossed us. And so part of that I got I got to you got to agree with that. When you go back in history, you know, you’re you know, I still think it was a conspiracy between Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston and Davy Crockett. I really think that because well, Davy Crockett was a congressman in Tennessee. Sam Houston was a governor, too. [00:27:00][39.6]

Stuart Turley: [00:27:00] That’s right. David, what do you think? You were there? Yeah. [00:27:03][2.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:27:05] I wasn’t quite there. But, you know, it’s interesting. One of my distant ancestors is Jim Bowie. He was probably involved in that conspiracy, too. [00:27:15][9.5]

Stuart Turley: [00:27:15] Oh, you look like him. I was there. Yeah. [00:27:17][1.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:27:18] Really? No, Davy Crockett was going down to be president of the whole country, man. He was excited about the opportunity. Yeah, that’s. [00:27:25][6.9]

Rey Trevino: [00:27:25] What he thought he was doing. That’s really a true story. That’s why he came to Texas. [00:27:29][3.4]

Rey Trevino: [00:27:29] I tell you. So when he said I thought the fight was done, he. He meant well, by God. He is a Texan through and through now, isn’t he, guys? [00:27:38][8.9]

Stuart Turley: [00:27:40] All right, You know, guys, I have our producer putting together my travel bag, and we are going to have it so we can go anywhere, any time and go do live shots. So we’re going to have geared up for live. We’re going to geared up for filming in bars. You know, hey, we’re three podcasters walk into a bar and we might as well shuffle in and set up. So we’ll be letting our fans know where we’ll be and getting all that kind of done. We’re running out of time. David, you got your last word and then we’ll go to our T. [00:28:17][36.6]

Rey Trevino: [00:28:18] Oh, my last word. Keep cookin with gas, folks. It’s fine. It’s not going to hurt you. You’re not going to get asthma. Okay? [00:28:23][5.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:28:24] Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, speaking of cooking with gas, I’ll do a plug for David real quick. We got me coming up February 1st, second and third. Oh, yeah. And David is going to be speaking at 9 a.m. on the first day. Yeah, on the first. And in fact, word got out that David Blackman was going to be going and speaking, that the governor of the great state of Texas was like, I will not let David Blackman out scot shy. So he’ll be speaking on the first show. You know that name for be crazy on the first David And so you created that the governor of Texas like I can’t let David outside right so we’ll have Greg Abbott there not that I’m a kid I’ll be there. I’ll be looking at a few deals, trying to do a few things for 2023 as Pecos Country operator continues to operate and produce here this year. So but but so yeah I want to do that little plug for David and excited to hear you speak so if you need any we. Let me know. [00:29:29][64.5]

Rey Trevino: [00:29:30] I haven’t I haven’t spoken to Nathan about five years, so I was really pleased to get the invitation. [00:29:35][5.2]

Stuart Turley: [00:29:36] Oh, that’s fabulous. And I’ll tell you what, David, I am such a big fan of all your stuff, and I enjoy our relationship. Many calling up on that a drillbit, you know, so that you get it. But hey, with that, we will have all these conversations in the show notes. Please reach out and we will have David Blackman’s Substack will have my substack in there. I had two copies so I can just put an automatic RSS feed to David’s to mine and Art will have his substack appear within very shortly. So yes, only are we to podcasters where to substack. And we’ll leave it at that. Thank you guys very much for coming by. The three podcasters walk into like you. [00:30:24][47.8]

Rey Trevino: [00:30:25] Thank you for hosting us. Do you all do a great job? Thanks. [00:30:25][0.0]



David Blackmon, RT Trevino, Stu Turley

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