July 21

3 Podcasters EP #30 Live at the Flying Saucer Bar in Ft Worth – Climate Change, ESG, and Political.


3 Podcasters Walk into a Bar Live at the Flying Saucer – Energy Absurdity Unleashed: Climate Change, ESG, and Political Shenanigans.

3 Podcasters Walk into a Bar Live at the Flying Saucer – Energy Absurdity Unleashed: Climate Change, ESG, and Political Shenanigans.

The podcast conversation revolves around various topics, including energy absurdity, climate change, ESG funds, and social unrest. David Blackmon, the guest, talks about the politicization of climate change and the need for penalties for disruptive protesters. They also touch on issues related to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, BlackRock’s investments, and the lack of consequences for disruptive behavior. The conversation drifts into humorous asides about past generations and social distancing during the pandemic. Overall, the discussion blends energy industry insights with light-hearted banter and social commentary.

Bullet Points:

– The Climate Crisis: Understanding the Urgency.

– Unveiling the Corporate World: ESG and Greenwashing.

– Political Bubbles: Influence, Power, and Decisions.

– Media Manipulation: The Role of Sensationalism.

– Taking Action: Empowering Individuals for Change.

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Highlights of the Podcast

The guys are back at it today.

00:00 – Intro

04:11 – Talks about Column written by Paul Krugman and talks about Climate Change

06:32 – Talks about The View

08:13 – Talks about the Article about the SPR

10:16 – RT, didn’t they call up 3000 reservists?

11:46 – Talks about President Biden being over at NATO

13:05 – Talks about BlackRock and ESG

14:54 – Did you see the report that protesters in Germany super glued themselves to the tarmac of the local airports

19:27 – Talks about Covid Mask and Faucci

22:03 – Talks about the National Article talking about how two Democrats from Texas wrote a letter to the EPA

24:49 – David, I’ll come to you on that. Do you really think we got $100 oil any time this year?

25:50 – Talks about China`s Growth

27:07 – David, what do you see coming around the corner for Energy Absurdity?

28:54 – RT What’s coming around for The Crude Truth? Have any really good guests coming up?

32:03 – Outro


With 3 unique personalities, backgrounds, and one horrible team sense of humor, it makes for fun talks around the energy markets.

David Blackmon is a Forbes author and currently writes Energy Absurdities of the Day. He has several active podcasts with ….. His industry leadership is evident, but a dry, calm way of expressing himself adds a different twist.

R.T. Trevillon is the podcast host of The Crude Truth filmed in Fort Worth Texas and runs an oil and gas E&P company. Pecos Country Operating has been in business for ….years and has a constant commitment to all of their stakeholders and is actively working in this oil and gas market.

Stu Turley is the co-podcast host of the Energy News Beat Podcast. While Stu is a legend in his own mind,

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3 Podcasters Walk into a Bar Live at the Flying Saucer – Energy Absurdity Unleashed: Climate Change, ESG, and Political Shenanigans.


Stuart Turley [00:00:04] Hello Everybody, You ever have that Uncle kind of frightened me a little bit it was a little weird. Kind of like Eddie and Christmas vacation. When he’s at a family event, he starts going. These 3 Guys Walked into a Bar and everybody digs for carpet just trying to run away. I happen to know a couple of those guys.

Stuart Turley [00:00:24] Welcome to the 3 Podcast Walk into a Bar and we’re in a bar and I’ll tell you what, this is kind of cool. My Name is Stuart Turley President, CEO, the Sandstone Group and I mean, I got my two compadres here.

Stuart Turley [00:00:37] We got David Blackmon. David come on around the corner. David is a Forbes contributing author, he is an animal about town and I guarantee you he knows his stuff. He’s got an Energy Absurdity today. He has his own podcast called The Energy Question is Going through the Roof Dude, Congratulations.

David Blackmon [00:00:56] It’s about Time.

Stuart Turley [00:00:58] Are you paying all your listeners?

David Blackmon [00:01:00] Yeah, absolutely bribes are not beyond me at all.

Stuart Turley [00:01:03] Right.

Rey Trevino [00:01:04] Now that’s coming in Right?

David Blackmon [00:01:06] Right.

Stuart Turley [00:01:07] Yeah By the way we got sponsors.

David Blackmon [00:01:09] Yeah, there’s a sponsor. You just U.S. Oil and Gas Association with my good friend Tim

Stuart Turley [00:01:15] Playing with you there. Dude.

David Blackmon [00:01:17] I’ve had a 25-year Association with the U.S. Oil and Gas and.

Stuart Turley [00:01:21] Nice.

David Blackmon [00:01:22] Great group out of Washington, DC they do wonderful work on behalf of the Oil and Gas Industry and are thrilled to death to have him as a sponsor.

Stuart Turley [00:01:29] All right, RT, the RT, not only is he the RT, he’s RT the third. Anyway, RT is one of the big dogs over there at PACOs Operating. And I mean, RT is also a Podcast Host of The Crude Truth. The Crude Truth is also going nuts how do I know that? I look at the reports. So Welcome, RT.

Rey Trevino [00:01:55] Oh, Thank you. Thank you for having me, as always on this show and I can’t believe we’re actually out and about. I got to know both Y’all are out of y’all’s bunkers.

David Blackmon [00:02:04] Yeah, I’m on my third drink now

Rey Trevino [00:02:06] I know, I know. Now I see why y’all don’t come out of y’all’s bunkers very often. The security here is extra tight and I thought it was for you guys well, it’s for you guys to stay calm. I thought you had security, but. No, no, it’s a job don’t act up. So I couldn’t believe it.

Stuart Turley [00:02:23] David’s reputation precedes him.

David Blackmon [00:02:25] Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:02:26] It’s crazy, we’re walking around the streets of Fort Worth that people just get out of his way. Oh, I was like, What the heck?

Stuart Turley [00:02:33] I had that on the way in my hat for our Podcast listeners said, Trespassers will be shot. Now, I got this in Vegas a long time ago and it says offered a shot in almost nothing.

Rey Trevino [00:02:47] Yeah,.

Stuart Turley [00:02:47] And I had somebody look at me when I looked at him and smiled and they went, Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:02:54] Well, I’ll tell you.

Stuart Turley [00:02:56] What’s coming around the corner for first energy here dude

Rey Trevino [00:02:58] Well, I tell you, you know, first of all, I got to say we’ll do a quick shout-out not only to the city of Fort Worth for allowing you two to come into town, but also to the old flying saucer here downtown Fort Worth it’s been here in Fort Worth for almost 30 years now.

Rey Trevino [00:03:14] And so thank you to Josh, who’s the general manager for allowing us to come in here. And I know that there are several EMP Companies and Operators and people that are Landman and geologists that like to come here after work, so thank you to them for allowing us to be here this afternoon.

Stuart Turley [00:03:32] Sounds Great.

David Blackmon [00:03:33] That’s awesome, man, Fantastic!

Stuart Turley [00:03:35] Well, you know, David, I’m a stalker of yours. I mean,.

David Blackmon [00:03:40] I got lots of those.

Stuart Turley [00:03:41] Yeah, Yeah. It’s so much fun when you’re on Twitter with the Energy News Beat. I mean, excuse me. The Energy Absurdity of the day, my beer got me kind of wiped out there. Sorry. Energy Absurdity of the day I mean, that is absolutely a hoot. Normally, I steal your stories from Forbes, though I go kind of like, look, and then I put that on my new site so.

David Blackmon [00:04:06] Good.

Stuart Turley [00:04:07] What is your of energy absurdity going on, right now

David Blackmon [00:04:10] Oh, well, yeah. Today is about a Column written by Paul Krugman apparently a Nobel-winning economist who’s wrong about everything and has been wrong about everything for about 30 years now at The New York Times.

David Blackmon [00:04:25] He’s delving into Climate Change today, advocating that Democrats start politicizing the weather. And, you know, his basic theme is where you have to politicize the weather to make climate change a bigger issue in next year’s election.

David Blackmon [00:04:44] And what he doesn’t understand is the Democrats have been politicizing climate change, blaming every weather event on climate change, whether it’s too hot or too cold or too many hurricanes or not enough hurricanes it’s always because of climate change they’ve been doing that for 30 years. It hadn’t really helped. So, you know, whatever it’s that’s Paul Krugman and I just like to make fun of him. So it was a good piece.

Rey Trevino [00:05:08] I’m glad you specified weather and Climate Change are the same thing because that’s what I’m sitting there going like, aren’t they the same thing? So what is he wanting now all the pretty weather ladies to start politicizing it on the 10:00 news at 9:00?

David Blackmon [00:05:23] They do that. I mean, about three years ago, remember, you would see the weather map and if the temperature was moderate, it’d be colored in green. Right? Right. I’ll say it’s 80 degrees in May. The map would be green with a spot here to of orange, you know, in a case a little warmer. Now it’s all red, bright red everything’s bright red Every day until winter and then it’s all frosty blue.

Stuart Turley [00:05:45] I saved somebody’s picture on Twitter and that will be in the show notes because it is ten years ago and now.

David Blackmon [00:05:54] Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:05:55] And I mean, I get a sunburn just by looking at the map I think it’s just ridiculous because it’s so red.

David Blackmon [00:06:01] Yeah. Yeah, it’s it’s wild, you know? It’s a shame. I wish it wasn’t happening and the irony is that every time, you know, every time there’s a cool front in September and conservatives start talking about, you know, well, hey, is this global warming, too? If the heat was global warming, why isn’t this Global Warming or Climate Change? And and then they point fingers and say, well, you’re politicizing weather now. Well, now you got Paul Krugman saying, well, this needs to be our strategy for 2024.

Stuart Turley [00:06:31] Is Paul Krugman related to GUTFELD always picks on the view so one of The Views brother-in-law’s?

David Blackmon [00:06:42] Oh I don’t know. I have no idea.

Stuart Turley [00:06:43] Oh, okay. I was just checking.

David Blackmon [00:06:44] I don’t watch The View. I’ve never watched an episode.

Stuart Turley [00:06:46] The only reason I watch The View is when GUTFELD is picking that.

Rey Trevino [00:06:49] Okay.

David Blackmon [00:06:50] I see the clips on Twitter, so.

Rey Trevino [00:06:51] Oh, yeah, no, I’ll be the shooter. Sometimes I wonder if Fox and ABC have a deal because, I mean, they talk about The View so much, and all the other people. It’s like, guys, you know, let’s stop talking about it you know maybe that might help out.

Stuart Turley [00:07:08] Why don’t we have 3 Podcasters visit The View? What do you think, guys?

David Blackmon [00:07:14] Oh, well, that would be a hoot.

Rey Trevino [00:07:15] I don’t know. You know, I will say this. You know, God rest her soul, Barbara Walters was definitely a good journalist.

David Blackmon [00:07:21] Yeah,.

Rey Trevino [00:07:22] Our anchor,.

David Blackmon [00:07:22] She started that show.

Rey Trevino [00:07:23] And you know what I think back in the day, what we go over was funny. I will say that I and most, you know, I would like a snake to, you know, one time, a long time ago, I would like to think, hey, man, I could have a beer with Whoopi, you know, just to talk. But nowadays, I don’t know man

David Blackmon [00:07:41] I think that there would end up over my head.

Rey Trevino [00:07:44] That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying. You know, it’s a know it’s like because you should be able to talk to anybody. It’s like we always talk about what I preach is like, hey, you should be able to have any kind of conversation. Here we are at the bar and it’s like, you know what? You should be able to sit next to the next guy at the bar and just talk about how your day was, You know,.

Stuart Turley [00:08:01] You know. One of the things that I did I want to ask you guys, his opinion on this is because there are rumblings that the SPR is going to get hit again and  I’m not kidding dude

David Blackmon [00:08:12] I’m sure you’re right.

Stuart Turley [00:08:13] And one of the things about the article that I read yesterday on the SPR is that because we’ve been taking it taken out, taken in taken out the storage domes in on the Gulf Coast are deteriorating right now. And so.

David Blackmon [00:08:30] They need to be full

Stuart Turley [00:08:30] Yeah, you can’t leave them that way and then they say, oh, in the next ten years, you know, hey, around for everybody on the house. And so, you know, he’s on Biden and so, you know, when you sit back and take a look, David, I don’t understand what’s going to go on. I think it was $25 when it was the average cost that it was filled in the lowest it’s been in 4 years.

David Blackmon [00:09:02] 320 million barrels in there now and it’s got a capacity of over 700 now.

Stuart Turley [00:09:07] Right. What happens if we go to war?

David Blackmon [00:09:09] Well, exactly. I mean, that’s the whole point of having a strategic reserve, right? That’s why it was created. Well, for real national emergencies. And you know, I paid 299 for regular the other day that’s not a national emergency.

David Blackmon [00:09:23] I know the Democrats want to win an election and that’s why they did it last year and that’s why Biden will probably do it again in 2024. And but it’s you know, it’s a hit to national security in a time when the administration seems to be little by little pulling us into a war in Europe. And you know, you have to have those fuel supplies and keep the supply chains open. I mean, that otherwise, we wouldn’t have won World War 2.

Stuart Turley [00:09:53] I was listening to Glenn Beck on the way in Fort Worth, and he said, you know, I don’t understand. How we could do without the strategic oil reserves. Because I haven’t seen any tanks with solar panels on them yet and airplanes with windmills. Yeah. I’m sorry, Glenn Beck. I thought that was just outstanding.

David Blackmon [00:10:12] I don’t think that would work. Yeah, that would be a really bad model.

Stuart Turley [00:10:15] RT, didn’t they call up 3000 reservists?

Rey Trevino [00:10:20] Did they?

Stuart Turley [00:10:21] Yeah, I think they called them up in there sending them..

David Blackmon [00:10:23] Last Friday. Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:10:24] I did not hear that. But that’s funny you mentioned that and I think the key word is security, that it’s in our energy security and it’s being depleted. And, you know, I heard the report, of course, we’re sending those cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Rey Trevino [00:10:40] And I heard now that the true reason is that the ammunition we’ve been sending them is actually now from our reserves. And they’re so low that these cluster bombs that they’re going to now use well by this time to build that back up just to give to Ukraine.

Rey Trevino [00:10:58] I mean, look, I don’t know about you guys, but, you know, I remember like, you know, when you had to be prepared for anything like, you know, good battery, different. Some people prepared more than others. People got bunkers and things like that. And but hey, they have a.

Stuart Turley [00:11:11] Why don’t you look at me?

Rey Trevino [00:11:13] You know what I mean? You know, hey, we have an extra case of water, not a bad thing, and maybe some extra canned goods. Um, I would like to think that my taxes are going towards something like that as well. And right now, all of that is actually going to Ukraine on top of the billions of dollars that the government is sitting on top of that.

Stuart Turley [00:11:34] Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:11:35] And so we are truly weakening America right now is what this administration’s done abroad and here. I mean, the guys. What about President Biden being over at NATO last week? I mean, he didn’t even make it to the dinner walking around aimlessly.

Stuart Turley [00:11:54] See him with King Charles.

Rey Trevino [00:11:57] That was terrible.

Stuart Turley [00:11:58] The lady around here, he didn’t have poopy pants because. And he tried to talk to the guard did you see that? He went up and started talking.

David Blackmon [00:12:07] Wouldn’t leave the poor guard alone?

Stuart Turley [00:12:08] Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:12:09] I think he was bad because he was in his way like, I don’t I think I think he thought he had to keep going that way and they kicked Charles is going? No, go this way and he walked in front of them and I think it was more just out of.

Stuart Turley [00:12:22] How bad it was if you look better than King Charles, that I mean, he made King Charles look good

David Blackmon [00:12:29] Look vibrant and youthful.

Rey Trevino [00:12:31] He did. Charles is older, right?

David Blackmon [00:12:34] Oh, he’s 74.

Rey Trevino [00:12:35] 74.

Stuart Turley [00:12:35] Yeah. But he’s like even worse shape than Biden, except at least mentally, he’s almost cognizant. So anyway, moving right along. Hey,.

David Blackmon [00:12:45] Back to Energy.

Stuart Turley [00:12:46] Back to Energy, thank you very much I resemble that remark. Now what do you see coming around the corner, David, in all of this stuff coming on? I’m seeing a revolt almost, if you would, in the ESG movement for finance. Do you see I mean, people are starting to kind of wake up. Yeah. You have BlackRock which is now selling some of their own they had pipelines over in Abu Dhabi or Abbey Dubai.

Rey Trevino [00:13:14] Abudabi Dubai?

Stuart Turley [00:13:16] Yeah, they just sold them. Yeah. And ah, so they’re just selling them. You didn’t see those on the balance sheet. I’d like to know how they kind of buried that in there because they were over there going, We’re ESG we have an oil pipeline over here in the Middle East.

David Blackmon [00:13:33] But yeah. Well, it’s like Larry Fink, you know, certified to the Texas comptroller last year. BlackRock hasn’t exactly boycotted investing in oil and gas it’s just disadvantaged it. And so yeah, they’ve got assets in oil and gas-related projects all over the world really. And yeah but what are they controlled? $9 trillion in assets.

Stuart Turley [00:13:57] And they only lost one 1.7 trillion for half of last year because they were too, too much in ESG funds but aren’t With that kind of waking up into the ESG funds, do you think that’s going to be easier for EMP Operators to get money into CapEx?

Rey Trevino [00:14:15] Well, I would like to hope so. I know right now, you know, people are still a little worried, you know. The biggest thing I get is, aren’t you afraid oil is going away? That is still the big and it’s like guys, like and some of these people are very smart and they don’t mean is it going to go away? They mean it’s a government but that, you know, is it It’s like, guys, you know, they can’t stop it today.

Rey Trevino [00:14:37] I mean, because if they did, I mean, you know, our headsets that we got on today are gone. Who was it? Was it Dr. Tom seeing on LinkedIn or No, somebody just did a whole list of everything that we use on a daily basis that’s made from a petroleum product? And it’s like, you know, did you see the report that protesters in Germany glued themselves to the tarmac of the local airports and it’s like super glue?

Stuart Turley [00:15:07] Now, it must have been on one of them.

Rey Trevino [00:15:09] Okay.

Stuart Turley [00:15:09] So they had to Jack Hammered

Rey Trevino [00:15:11] Okay. Could get shut off for this event. But it’s like that that takes a petroleum product to make for goodness’ sakes

Stuart Turley [00:15:19] Oh, yes.

Rey Trevino [00:15:20] You guys are ridiculous.

Stuart Turley [00:15:22] Hey did you hear the one about the ones that went into the I think it was a Mercedes or Volkswagen dealer? And they all came in and they glued themselves to the cars and everything else so everybody just turned out the lights and left. And they were like, and then they came back.

David Blackmon [00:15:37] Left them there overnight.

Stuart Turley [00:15:38] Yeah. And left him there over the weekend and they were complaining and said we had to go to the bathroom on ourselves, you know if the shit fits.

David Blackmon [00:15:48] Yeah. No, you know, I think people need to be doing more of that there was another clip, I think it was in Britain of three of them, you know, blocking traffic and there was an ambulance back in the line waiting for them to clear with its lights on. Right somebody going to the hospital.

David Blackmon [00:16:06] And people were clearing them off the road and then they would jump up and go right back into it. So finally one guy started beating on a guy. And I you know, I mean, I’m not a violent person I don’t I don’t advocate violence, but it’s almost going to take that and throwing these people in jail for a long time.

Stuart Turley [00:16:27] Do you think that one really happened?

David Blackmon [00:16:30] No, it’s not happening anywhere and that’s the problem there are no consequences for their actions right now. And even, you know, when you see them go into a museum when you see them go in there and throw soup on a painting. So I don’t know when the last time any of y’all were in a museum was, but when you go into a museum, there is security, right? Your bags are checked?

Rey Trevino [00:16:52] Yeah.

David Blackmon [00:16:53] There’s an X-ray machine.

Rey Trevino [00:16:54] Yes.

David Blackmon [00:16:55] Right. So. And they’re not carrying the can opener in and, you know, open it up and open in the can.

Rey Trevino [00:17:02] Right.

David Blackmon [00:17:03] The can is open when I go into the museum so that means that museum security at all these museums is cooperating with them.

Stuart Turley [00:17:11] Oh, yeah.

David Blackmon [00:17:11] Letting them in to do these things.

Stuart Turley [00:17:13] That makes sense.

David Blackmon [00:17:14] And you know, there needs to start being penalties for that as well secondary prosecutions for that sort of I mean, you’re aiding and abetting at that point and you wouldn’t have to prosecute too many of them and throw too many of in jail before it all stopped.

Rey Trevino [00:17:32] Yeah,.

Stuart Turley [00:17:32] Right.

David Blackmon [00:17:32] Because they know right now there are no consequences for what they’re doing other than they might get arrested and taken down and be booked and then set free. That’s the worst that’s going to happen to them. Well, if that’s the worst that’s going to happen, they’re just going to keep doing it.

Rey Trevino [00:17:49] I mean, you know, I remember growing up, first of all, you didn’t record anything that you did that was bad. You know, I think the Age of Jackass changed that whole thing.

David Blackmon [00:17:59] Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:18:00] But so that’s the first thing and then if you got caught, you got in trouble, you know? And I can’t imagine, first of all, you know, I don’t know how old the people were at the car dealership, but, you know, even if our 16, 17-year-old if I’m stuck there all week, my parents would probably call the cops on my son’s missing and I don’t know where he is.

Stuart Turley [00:18:21] I grew up in the age that our parents had to be reminded at 10:00, Do you know where your kids are? I mean, then we would leave the house and we wouldn’t come back till sundown. And then the TV had to remind your parents, Oh, it’s 10:00. Do you know where your kids are?

Rey Trevino [00:18:40] Well, yeah. I mean, you know, by what street light as long as the street light came.

Stuart Turley [00:18:45] Out, they did. You have to practice for nuclear drills by getting under the desk.

David Blackmon [00:18:49] Oh, absolutely.

Stuart Turley [00:18:49] Oh, yeah. So. Okay, guys, for our podcast listeners, I’m going to practice a nuclear drill right now. Okay, I’m under the table.

Rey Trevino [00:18:58] Yeah, I know.

David Blackmon [00:18:59] And I have to get a crane to help him back up

Rey Trevino [00:19:02] I know, it really the whole point of that. My dad talks about that all the time was like, really the whole reason for you to get underneath the table to kick your ass goodbye. It was just to say goodbye because, like, Oh, yeah, what was he going to do? Because he grew up in San Antonio and had five air for that five military bases there or did It was like that was going to be one of the spots? Like they just knew that would be a spot, so he talks about that all the time.

David Blackmon [00:19:27] Well, that was basically the precursor to the social distancing for COVID, right?

Rey Trevino [00:19:31] Yeah.

David Blackmon [00:19:32] Standing six feet away from people how useless is that with Covid?

Rey Trevino [00:19:36] That true?

David Blackmon [00:19:37] You know, I mean, or wearing the mask that doesn’t work and everybody knows they don’t work even the doctors know they don’t work. And but they force you to wear them anyway.

Rey Trevino [00:19:45] Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:19:46] Why do they We.

David Blackmon [00:19:47] Do that sort of insanity all the time in this.

Stuart Turley [00:19:50] Oh, why do they wear them when they’re doing surgery, man?

David Blackmon [00:19:54] Well, those are different those are there are 85 masks they actually suffocate if you wear one for two. Yeah, they.

Rey Trevino [00:20:01] Were. You know, since we’re going down this path, I got to say this. I’ve been trying to get on Twitter. All right? I got a Twitter account. It’s @truth_crude, just so you all know.

Stuart Turley [00:20:11] Okay oh, shameless plug.

Rey Trevino [00:20:12] But yeah, shameless plug. But I saw one from you remember that hit show in the Nineties Hercules with Kevin Sorbo? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I saw a tweet that he, who knows how old it is But it goes. If they gave away these vaccines for free to save our lives, why don’t they do it for insulin? And he named off like two or three different things and I was like, that’s a truth bomb right there. And I said, Wow, that’s so true.

Stuart Turley [00:20:40] How many billions did the big pharma make?

Rey Trevino [00:20:42] Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:20:42] And Faucci was the highest-paid government employee ever. And did you know?

David Blackmon [00:20:52] He still is, by the way, even though he’s been retired for seven months

Stuart Turley [00:20:55] Right. But guess what? He’s still charging his valet car or his personal chauffeur car to the government. I kid you not. He still gets a government car.

Rey Trevino [00:21:10] Man Hey, I will say this and it’s amazing how much work I can get done if I’m not driving somebody else’s It’s pretty nice.

Stuart Turley [00:21:18] It’s better but you could belittle the government.

Rey Trevino [00:21:20] Oh, but if I. If I had the taxpayer saved from I, that would be really nice.

Stuart Turley [00:21:23] Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Rey Trevino [00:21:25] But I will say this. I kind of want to come back to Energy real quick. I don’t know where this is. This is awesome, by the way. Well, hold on, Energy. wait do we all have an energy podcast? is that what we do sometimes? And I say sometimes, but this is such a blast first of all, David and Stu thank you all so much. This is I feel like this is it’s this is what it’s supposed to be. I think sitting here, in fact, we’re going to show.

Stuart Turley [00:21:54] As we get us we got another road back and we’re going to be going to live events and really beefing it up.

Rey Trevino [00:22:01] I’d like to, but no, here in the state of Texas, a National article came out just yesterday talking about how two Democrats from Texas wrote a letter to the EPA. Is that correct? Saying how that the Texas Railroad Commission of Texas basically doesn’t know how to take care of the environment of the gov, and the environment, and that we should not be regulating our oil and gas industry.

David Blackmon [00:22:29] Lloyd Doggett and.

Rey Trevino [00:22:30] Joaquin Castro.

David Blackmon [00:22:33] Joaquin Phenix.

Rey Trevino [00:22:34] Yeah. No. Joaquin Castro.

Stuart Turley [00:22:36] It sounds like it was a Harold Kumar and go to like get out of Guantanamo this sounds like a movie.

Rey Trevino [00:22:43] It’s ridiculous. First of all, you know, I want to know, what does Doggett or Castro What what is there what do they know about oil and gas, first of all. Right. Absolutely nothing one went to. You know, basically, Castro grew up in San Antonio, but he went to college at Stanford and Harvard. So he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know anything.

Rey Trevino [00:23:05] So I just feel that this is really a way for the EPA to regulate without, you know, any Constitution or any laws for them. But could you all imagine if they actually came in and regulated the oil and gas EPA for the state of Texas, what that would do?

Stuart Turley [00:23:21] Well, the EPA, with their regulations, are wiping out California. In fact, I did it last night, actually, I filmed it last night. It aired this morning. And California’s regulations, the regulatory agencies are killing the renewable section.

David Blackmon [00:23:39] Oh, sure.

Stuart Turley [00:23:40] You can’t beat this kind of entertainment.

David Blackmon [00:23:41] And that’s inevitable that’s going to happen all over the country. But oh, yeah, the same groups pushing the energy transition oppose all those projects, right? I mean, if they’re not sited exactly where they want them or they oppose the the mining for the minerals that they have to have to.

Stuart Turley [00:23:57] Right.

David Blackmon [00:23:58] You know, power them and it’s just Yeah, that’s inevitable that’s going to happen and that’s why I keep saying we’re doomed to have a pretty big energy crisis here in the next few years.

Rey Trevino [00:24:09] Well, you talk about Energy Crisis the one thing today, and today, I’ll just do it. It’s till the date of June 18th. I’ve been noticing that.

Stuart Turley [00:24:18] Mike in Oklahoma.

Rey Trevino [00:24:19] Sorry.

Stuart Turley [00:24:20] Oh, right. I don’t know.

Rey Trevino [00:24:21] I don’t know.

Stuart Turley [00:24:22] Okay. Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:24:24] But that. I’ve started to hear rumors of $100 Oil to get here by the end of summer maybe getting a fall. I don’t see that happening.

Stuart Turley [00:24:33] But we’re one Nuke away. Yeah.

David Blackmon [00:24:37] Well, we’re always one Nuke away

Rey Trevino [00:24:39] That said. I mean, it’s like it’s all somebody else. I said I don’t see it happening. I said, But then again, I voted for Donald Trump twice. So who knows what could happen tomorrow? But you know, David, I’ll come to you on that. Do you really think we got $100 oil any time this year?

David Blackmon [00:24:54] Yeah, we could by the end of the year. It won’t happen by the end of summer, maybe in the November-December timeframe. If, if China’s economy starts growing to expectations, you know, people keep predicting that China’s economy is going to begin a rapid recovery from their idiotic COVID stuff last year, and it just hasn’t happened they’re growing at less than 3%.

David Blackmon [00:25:22] There was another report out this week, which is why oil prices kind of leveled off after a pretty significant increase over the previous two weeks. And so people are waiting to see what happens in China. The Saudi new cuts, production cuts by Saudi Arabia kicked in this month, and that’s helped strengthen the price to some extent. But it’s all about China and how it recovers and, you know, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Stuart Turley [00:25:50] Aint that light. I’m hearing that China is there are some real questions, I believe they only had a 2.3% growth right now.

David Blackmon [00:26:00] Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:26:00] And they were expecting even more than that.

David Blackmon [00:26:02] Five Six Seven. So Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:26:04] And so now they’re barely wondering whether or not it’s going to be stagnant or not. Huh. And so in, in I heard an analyst and I need to fact-check myself because I slept since I heard this. But he was saying that with the economies may be slowing down, this is what he was saying is that may be slowing down. The only way that President Xi is going to be able to maintain control is to get into a war.

Rey Trevino [00:26:34] Oh,.

David Blackmon [00:26:34] Oh. Loveliness.

Stuart Turley [00:26:36] And so I thought that that analyst was actually he had his numbers here’s why. And then all of a sudden you think, if I was President Xi, I’d sit there and go, let’s see Donald Trump, Biden I would try to do something before the election.

David Blackmon [00:26:53] Sure. Yeah. Well, that would surprise me. I mean, it seems obvious.

Stuart Turley [00:26:58] To me what that means on the record. I hope nothing goes wrong

Rey Trevino [00:27:02] Yeah, well, yeah.

David Blackmon [00:27:03] Yeah, yeah worst case scenario there,.

Rey Trevino [00:27:06] Right?

Stuart Turley [00:27:06] Yeah, you bet. David, what do you see coming around the corner for Energy Absurdity? Because you seem to be able to have a crystal ball at your desk. And I don’t know how these stupid energy things show up on your desk. How do you find these things?

David Blackmon [00:27:21] Oh, I get up early and get on Twitter and look at a bunch of different websites until I stumble across something truly idiotic and that’s what I write about everyday

Stuart Turley [00:27:29] Okay. That’s about 10 minutes of your day.

David Blackmon [00:27:31] Yeah. So it doesn’t take long at all. Some days there are a dozen things I could write about. Like Monday of this week. I could have written about six different things, but so it becomes a process of elimination. And what’s the most ridiculous story I can find? And Krugman was a winner today. Good for you, Paul.

Stuart Turley [00:27:51] And you also have your Podcast with the International Group, and it is pretty cool. Yeah, the.

David Blackmon [00:28:00] Energy Transition Podcast.

Stuart Turley [00:28:02] Energy Transition Podcast.

David Blackmon [00:28:04] We just published my interview with Irena Slav, who’s part of that panel.

Stuart Turley [00:28:08] Aint she great?

David Blackmon [00:28:09] The Energy Question this week. And yes, she’s fantastic, hilarious, just so witty and acerbic and sarcastic.

Stuart Turley [00:28:17] Love her.

David Blackmon [00:28:18] She’s great, right?

Stuart Turley [00:28:19] Absolutely. And she is so well known around the world then you have Tammy, I believe it’s Nathan.

David Blackmon [00:28:25] Nathan Nemeth. Tammy Nemeth, Dr. Tammy Nemeth.

Stuart Turley [00:28:28] Doctor and she is funny and I love Armando. Absolutely he is a hoot

David Blackmon [00:28:34] Armando is like me you know, he’s been around the industry a long time he was with Petro boss for over 30 years.

Stuart Turley [00:28:40] Right.

David Blackmon [00:28:41] And he’s just a wealth of knowledge and very organized. So unlike me, he’s very organized, which is good we have to have that.

Rey Trevino [00:28:50] I don’t know.

David Blackmon [00:28:51] I’m looking a lot better.

Stuart Turley [00:28:53] Oh, guess so. Yeah. Okay. RT What’s coming around for The Crude Truth? Have any really good guests come up?

Rey Trevino [00:28:59] Oh, but I’m excited. I’ve got it. Wow. Goodness You pseudo and not have a I’ll be excited. I’ve got a Kendra Snow McGregor coming on. I’ve got Jeff Krimial those are getting ready to get released I even have Matthew Lowinseed with FSC a great survey company getting ready to get that one released here on The Crude Truth also.

Rey Trevino [00:29:20] And be able to look out here in the near future I’m getting ready to also do an interview down in Austin at Austin studio that I use here with Real News with Chris Hosey, who’s part of the Texas Star Aliance and yeah, and he’s part of that whole crew with Jason Moduline David back in the day and they were they all there and Austin fighting for us and for the oil gas.

David Blackmon [00:29:47] Great guy.

Rey Trevino [00:29:47] And I so I’m excited so you know that’s what we got going on in my day job, just trying to, you know, continue to stay busy and drill some oil wells and produce oil so pays bills. God knows the The Crude Truth. You know, it’s just fun. Sometimes I get people that go, Hey, man, this is RT he’s got a podcast, He hosts a podcast. And I go, That’s for fun.

David Blackmon [00:30:08] So what is going to do to get an override?

Rey Trevino [00:30:10] That’s what I am looking for Paid sponsorships for the show. So we all.

David Blackmon [00:30:17] Yes.

Stuart Turley [00:30:18] Oh, yes. And you know, what’s really cool about our group is that our entire group between us is going to hit a million downloads by in September. Cool.

Rey Trevino [00:30:29] That’s awesome.

Stuart Turley [00:30:29] It’s not like.

David Blackmon [00:30:30] Keeps moving forward.

Stuart Turley [00:30:31] It.

Rey Trevino [00:30:32] Yeah.

Stuart Turley [00:30:32] Yeah yeah yeah there and so we’re actually it’s pulling in instead of like October.

David Blackmon [00:30:39] Right?

Stuart Turley [00:30:39] So yeah yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:30:41] That’s awesome.

Stuart Turley [00:30:41] Great job. Your numbers are adding up guys.

Rey Trevino [00:30:44] Well, it’s been fun. You know what you guys have a chance so group and how you all been able to really put it out there more you know I mean that that’s up to God knows I don’t have the time to do all that.

Stuart Turley [00:31:00] Tell me that we’re going to have some fun and Artie how do they get ahold of you?

Rey Trevino [00:31:07] Oh, I’ve got my LinkedIn, you know, RayRTTrevino Pecos Country Operating, and also my LinkedIn The Crude Truth. And so please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions and we’d love to answer them also.

Stuart Turley [00:31:19] We want questions. We also want to know any topics that you want, any places that you want us in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or anywhere in the U.S. We can be head book.

David Blackmon [00:31:32] You can find me on Twitter at @EnergyAbsurdity and it’s Substack Blackman.substack.com. Everything I write is linked there. So if you go to Substack, you can find everything I do.

Stuart Turley [00:31:44] AInt that great. And if you need material to poach in the industry area, he’s the man. And then you can go to EnergyNewsBeat.com and that’s where you’ll find all of my information and podcasts and everything else. So with that. Hey, have a great day, and stay safe out there we’ll see you at the next bar.





3 podcaster walk into a bar, David Blackmon, RT Trevino, Stu Turley

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